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I’ve tried writing a blog before, once, it didn’t last long, as I soon decided that I wanted the ability to write whatever I wanted, however I wanted, without restrictions.  So welcome to RandomRedRose.com

I should tell you something about myself… I’m sitting here trying to think of something witty and clever to say.  Something that will make you want to read about me and my life, I’m actually finding it to be quite a difficult task…  I’m ordinary.  I’m a 30 (ahem) something year old woman.  I have an amazing man in my life, it took me a while, but I found him!

I met him when I was least expecting to.  When I had given up on finding someone to be my soulmate.  I’d actually decided, as some other women had told me, true love doesn’t exist.  It’s a myth, one that as children we’d been taught, tales of Prince Charming and other romantic heros had tainted reality.  Love was just lust, that turned to friendship and then, when you ran out of things to say, became tolerance and someone to get through the day with.  Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong with my dismal outlook.

I was getting through a boring shift at work when he walked into my life.  A hulk of a man, with big shoulders, strong arms, sparkling eyes and the cheekiest of grins.  His presence brightened the room for the three minutes he was there and it was shocking.  I met him a few times over the next few weeks, always rushed little visits but always with the same effect.  I accused him of disappointing women on one of these occasions and he gave me his number, before walking away.

I now believe in love at first sight, and I believe in soul-mates, it’s yucky and awful and a complete cliche. There’s no denying it.  I am one of those women I used to roll my eyes at. Since the day I met him nothing has changed, it hasn’t faded to friendship or tolerance.  I bloody adore my cheeky, ridiculous, great, big oaf of a man.


I’ve always been interested in sex, kinks and I’ve always been very non-judgmental in my approach to life.  Since meeting Mr Rose I’ve had the confidence to explore this further and have started trying more sex toys, lingerie and general naughtiness.  He’s absolutely, totally supportive and always willing to help out *rolls eyes*.

Recently, over the last year, I started writing reviews for a number of places and I have really enjoyed it.  As a review addict, what better place to do it than here, so prepare yourself for lots of them on this blog.  I love them, hopefully so will you.

If I’ve done this right you should now know a little bit about me.  I’m an ordinary woman, with a kinky side, who adores her man and (although I won’t mention them much on this blog) her wonderful children.  Maybe you’ll find me interesting enough to read more of my blog.  Thank you for reading this.

Lets hope my writing skills improve, some friends have assured me I’ll get better the more I do  🙂

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