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Eroscillator Review

When you’re looking to upgrade your toy to something stronger, or want a different feel, the Eroscillator is worth looking at. Although it may not be the cutest toy in the collection, it really gets the job done well, and there are attachments!

The Eroscillator is the #1 rated stimulator. It is clinically proven to be far more effective than ordinary vibrators, and to deliver more numerous, more powerful and longer lasting orgasms.

This baby is focused on clit stimulation, there is no doubt about it. However, unlike most vibrating toys it does not have the ‘pulsing’ motion, instead it has a back and forth motion (think electric toothbrush). I found this to be an amazing feel, and a great change from the usual circles or up and down patterns. Let’s get into details, shall we? Satisfyer pro 2 is something you might interested in.

Oscillating Motion

Do you ever find that vibrating toys cause you numbness rather quickly? Oscillating for some reason, did not have the same affect on me and I was able to enjoy myself much longer. With other toys, I’ve found myself trying to race to climax before going numb, not with the Eroscillator.


If you want something with options, then it needs to have attachments. If you opt for the Eroscillator 2 Plus Package, it comes with three additional attachments: Ball and Cup, Golden Spoon, and Grapes and Cockscomb.

Ball and Cup – Great warm-up attachment, but I prefer the cup side over the ball as it perfectly fits my clit. If you like this article you should read Womanizer Pro 40

Golden Spoon – This one is shallower than the cup, would be ideal for smaller clits. It has a ball on top, which can be too much at times. The other side offers 8 tiny balls that allow the clit to fit between for a massaging type feel.

Grapes and Cockscomb – With ten balls massaging the clit, this attachment can be intense, and a good finisher. The Cockscomb offers a thin semicircle that offers direct stimulation. Personally, the Cockscomb provided me the best experience of all three attachments.

High Powered Toy

The power offered is amazing, mainly because it is plug & play, instead of battery operated. The cord is 12ft long, giving plenty of room to be comfortable. There are three speeds, with a low, medium and high. Although, I have had toys in the past with a higher ‘high’, such as the Hitachi, the oscillation movement intensifies the speed.

It’s Quiet

For me, this is a big plus because I often travel and enjoy taking a toy with me. I was surprised at how quiet it can be when pressed against my clit, I could barely hear it. However, when not pressed against me it has a rattle.


  • It offers a new feeling with oscillation
  • Offers attachments
  • It is mostly quiet



  • A bit expensive
  • Not very cute
  • Attachments are not silicone



If you want something that provides a new feeling, the Eroscillator is one you should look into. It may not be the prettiest option, but it has plenty of ways to get the job done, and without fear of losing power due to dead batteries!