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Lelo Ora 2 Review

I thought it was about time for my product review on this extraordinary adult sex toy I came across. It has now been two and a half weeks since I received the package in my mailbox, but you need to take into consideration that I also wanted to check out my new toy beforehand in order to give an honest review.

Lelo Ora 2 Control Buttons

What I have is an oral sex simulator, which came with a charger, a warranty, and a storage pouch. It is small enough to sit in the palm of my hand, making it easier to hold on too. There is a major difference between this oral simulator and having oral done by someone’s tongue and this is because it has 10 different options of settings, which means that it has the ability to do a lot more things for me than a tongue could ever do. rays of sunshine from the Lelo Sona?

How loud is it?

I was surprised to find it to be as quiet as it is, it can’t even be heard through a closed door. I also like that it is very light weight. I can even use it when taking a bath or shower, as it is 100% waterproof, including the hot tub! I like everything that my ‘ORA 2’ has to offer me, especially the silicone feeling of it, and then some. Such as that fact that I do not need to get out for batteries or spend any money in order to make it run or be annoyed by any wires, this is because it is rechargeable. I had the option of three colors to choose from, which was midnight, black, and blue. This product can be bought through its website. Satisfyer 2 review


Lelo Ora 2 Packaging

Key Features

  • SenseTouch technology senses when ORA 2 is against your body, increase the intensity of the vibrations accordingly.
  • A massive 10 vibrating modes, making this oral sex simulator the most satisfying in the world.
  • 100% waterproof for experimentation in the bath and shower. And because it’s such a quiet vibrator, it’s great for women who need discretion.
  • Fully Rechargeable

I have found it to be fairly simple to use. All I have to do in order to turn it on is press the ‘plus’ button, and when I want to change the intensity of the vibrations, I merely press the ‘plus ‘button again, and this can be done through all 10 settings. Of course, it also includes the ‘SenseTouch’, this allows me to begin feeling the simulation as soon as it makes contact with my skin simply by holding (pressing) for a mere five seconds in order to get it activated and anytime I want to increase its intensity I just press down a little harder. Anytime I want the vibration to decrease, I just press the button once more, and to turn it off I just press the button and hold it a few seconds. I can now control my clitoral stimulation however I want too. Due to the many different functions that the LELO ORA 2 has to offer, it makes me have extremely intense orgasms. I will put it this way “I am very happy with my ‘LELO ORA 2’, I absolutely love it!”

I like the fact that it even came with a 1-year warranty, how’s that for taking a chance?