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LELO Sona Review

If you’ve ever used a LELO product, you’d know that these guys mean some serious business and they aren’t messing around at all. LELO consistently puts out amazing sex toys and their Sona is even more amazing. Sona is the very first of its kind and definitely something that all users will appreciate. So, without further ado, let’s move on to the review. You’ll be able to see exactly what makes the Sona special. Is the Lelo Ora 2 Lelo’s best vibrator yet?

What Exactly is the LELO Sona?

Basically, the reason why we said Sona is the first of its kind is because it’s the first ever vibrator that uses sonic waves to produce stimulations instead of a vibrating motor. The Sona is meant to massage the entire clitoris instead of just the outside like most clit massagers. The sonic waves go way deeper than any vibrating motor and make sure that you feel the massager doing it’s stuff inside.

If you want to understand how these sonic waves feel, you could say they’re similar to how you feel when standing in front of a huge speaker.


Lelo Sona Packaging
Lelo Sona Packaging

The packing of this massager is nothing special, but it’s pretty sleek looking. Sona comes in a black cardboard box with a snug little seat for the device. In the package, you’ll be getting the Sona vibrator, a charger, a pouch, warranty card, two small user manuals and a small sachet of LELO’s own lube. Lovense Domi review


Let’s start off with the charging port. At the bottom, there is an open charging point (Umm, waterproofing?). There’s not much science to charge the device. Just hook it up with the adapter at an outlet. You could also charge it with a laptop. There’s a bright white light that will flash on the buttons once its fully charged.

Lelo Sona
Lelo Sona

The front of the device is made of high quality silicone, as least high quality consider which is really comfortable on the clit. The back is made of shiny plastic with the monogram of LELO inscribed on it. The back looks tacky, but it is not flimsy in any way.

There are three buttons on the Sona. There’s no remote or anything, LELO was keeping things simple.   To turn the device on, you hold down the + button for a few seconds  and the device starts at the lowest intensity. As you keep clicking the + button, the intensity will keep on increasing. Clicking the – button  decreases intensity as well as turns the toy off. The central button changes the settings between the 8 different functions and vibrations.


Well, this is far from a discreet vibrator. It’s noisy as hell, even though LELO advertises it as quiet. If you’re looking for something quiet for outdoor play, keep looking because this thing is like a mini drilling machine.


Let’s just sum up everything you need to know about this device.


  • Nice vibrations
  • Sensations go pretty deep
  • Inexpensive for such a high tech device
  • Soft material


  • Advertised as discreet, but noisy
  • Advertised as waterproof, and it might even be, but the open charging slot says differently.