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LoveHoney Happy Rabbit 2 Review

Seeking out a new toy to add to that ongoing collection, but undecided due to the infinity of items to choose from? Here is an option for you – the ‘LoveHoney Happy Rabbit 2’. Let’s take a closer look at this strange looking product.

LoveHoney Happy Rabbit 2
LoveHoney Happy Rabbit 2


With the tip of it being rounded it allows me to insert it into me with ease and fits the vagina comfortably, while at the same time, the ears of the rabbit has been designed to fit snuggly up to the g-spot and is so flexible the ears can be bent to reach further for those who are built for that fit or shorter for others so it lets you position the ears to give a pin point stimulation and the nose is larger than the others which allows it to stay in place when I position it on my clitoral. It can be thrusted in and out without any issues with the pubic bone like you get with some of the others. This toy has a powerful vibrating action that works the vagina as well as the clitoral.


It has two powerful motors. One of which is at the tip of the shaft and is curved in order to directly pin point your g-spot, while the second motor is in the rabbits ears, which was designed just for satisfying your clit with powerful vibrations allowing you to control just the amount of pressure that you want it to give your clit. Because each part of the toy has a separate motor each can be controlled separately as well. Altogether there are 15 different vibration settings.


The base is made of plastic and the buttons are silicone and the rabbit and the ears are made of silicone which gives it that ease in gliding it in and out of the vagina and treats the clitoris gentle.


If you’re looking for a new toy, rabbits are always a fun choice. Give the Happy Rabbit 2 a shot, you may just find it’s hard to give up the gentle clitoris stimulation and never go back to your old ways!