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Lovense Domi

My One Of A Kind Experience With The Domi Mini Wand By Lovense

Lovense Domi

After a long period of time of intending to give the Lovense product ‘Domi Mini Wand’ a try, I finally went through with it. I wanted to try this product for a very long time, especially once I heard more about it and how it could be used on me by someone else and not only while they were with me, but even with me on the east coast and at the same time they were on the west coast. That is absolutely correct, it allows me to give control of the sex toy to anyone I want, no matter where they are, as long as they downloaded the app that is needed, they will be able to use their phone to control and work the Domic Mini Wand from anywhere and I would be at their mercy. I would simply lay back or bend over and put it where ever they wanted me to or where I wanted to and from then on the speeds, patterns, and all of the features of it will no longer be in my control. This makes it very appealing to me because I cannot get enough of being submissive. Another reason for being in love with my Domi Mini Wand is because it has a feature that allows you to take it in the bath with me as it is 100% water proof. There are other great features as well, such as the music and so many different patterns to choose from in order to let me experience how wild my orgasms can really get. It is so awesome to use when I am having encounters as it allows me to be dominant and use it on my partner when I decide to take over the dominant role playing. Does the Nora by Lovense hit the spot?

Just what is the Lovense product referred to as the ‘Domi’(Domic)?

Lovense Domi App

The Domi by Lovense is super powerful adult sex toy that features many different pleasure additions which is included and all in one product. It is rechargeable. Water-resistant, and wireless. The materials that it is made out of are ABS plastics (body) and silicone (head), and the length is a whopping 9.2 inches. It is smaller than the others, however, don’t let the size fool you, it has a lot more strength than the other ones too. Its neck was designed reinforced which makes it sturdier and allows it to take more pressure. Another good thing about it is that it does not get over heated. Yet, with all that, it is still soft. how does this Womanixer product compare?

My Domi has this ring of light on it that will respond to let me know when it is on. An interesting feature for many different reasons, such as those who like to use their cams and also those who are a long distance apart, of course I have no use for it myself. It has the option of leaving the lights running or turning them off, which is accessible through its app (Lovense remote app).


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