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Lovense Nora Review

This is a powerful sex toy that has an app support. It did not take long for me to realize why I had heard so much about it. I must admit, at first, I figured it would end up being another one of those products to disappoint me, however, as soon as I received it in the mail, I had to check it out right away and see for myself, and did just that! Turns out, I was totally surprised by my new Lovense Nora, as it ended up being the perfect thing for making me have orgasms. Just talking about the amazing sensations its vibrations sent through me makes me hot and wet. It has a shaft that’s long enough to shove way into my pussy for some awesome stimulation which sets my mind twirling. It is now the sex toy that I use the most and it is the first one I choose whenever my husband is away, I do of course have others I use with it at times. I have found the Nora to be my first choice anytime my husband goes on a long trip for it also connects to Wifi, which lets him control the actions of my Nora from a distance through his smartphone app. Now I have the option of using my toy when I am alone, whenever my husband and I are having sex, when my husband goes on his trips, and when my friends come over as well. dominated by the Lovense Domi?

Lovense Nora

Additional function

The Nora now has an additional function. It now let’s another person remotely control the features, whether they are with you at the time or they can even be far away. This is something I have heard of as being long distant sex and as long as the other person has the app on their phone, they have the capability of controlling the actions of my toy. The Nora is now my husband’s and my first choice when it comes to our sex toys. I do not have to waste time anymore locating my G-spot and feel that it is perfect for me as it gives my body convulsions. My Nora is around 8 inches in length, and of that I can insert about 5 inches of that into my pussy and butt. Some other good features of it is that I can take it into the bathe with me as it is water resistant, it holds a charger for over 2 hours, even when I am using it at the highest settings, and it is very quiet. I do not have any problems with slipping the head of my Nora between the lips of my pussy and I get a feeling of being filled without any discomfort. It has a feature which rotates the head 360o that gives great pleasure on the inside and out, the head gives me three different speed levels for the rotating. 

Lelo Ora 2 Mobile application

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Submersible
  • Easy to Clean
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Up to 4 Hours of Continuous Use
  • 5 Days Standby Time
  • Body Safe Materials
  • ABS Plastic
  • High Quality Silicone

It has been designed with an extra strong motor and is unparalleled by the other products out there. Then there is that clitoral stimulation which is hanging off of the cock part itself and it serves the purpose of making my clitoris be over whelmed with sensations. Unlike the way other toy seem to ignore my sexual needs, my Nora has not and will never let me down. The reason my Nora is better than the others is because it has a larger clit arm to it. Other rabbit vibrators were designed with the intention of pleasuring my on the inside, whereas the Nora was not over looked in this area and it was designed with not only the intention of pleasuring me on the inside of mt pussy, but also pleasuring my clitoris as well. Knowing what I know now about Nora, I would never second guess purchasing it. I received my Lovense Nora complete, including downloading their app which it the ability to be paired with Bluetooth devices that are enabled, and it has a slider that lets me choose the speed for the head to rotate and also the speed for the stimulation on my clit. I am able to use my phone to adjust my settings and do not need to be fumbling around to adjust them while deep in my pussy. It has an app that allows others to control my Nora’s actions, which can be done by the one you are with or by someone who is a long distance away through their phone. We-Vibe Sync will get your orgasms in sync