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N-joy Pure Wand

I finally broke down and ordered the N-joy Pure Wand after spending several thousands of dollars trying out so many of all the other adult sex toys on the market. This came about because my boyfriend has been wanting to watch me orgasm over and over to the point that it makes my body shiver, shake, and squirt, however, out of all the different sex toys and many other items, including my boyfriend, I have never been able to so. I began to think it was useless to put out any more money when I heard about the N-joy Pure Wand and needless to say, “I order it as my last resource to ever try”.

N-joy Pure Wand

It has been nearly a week ago now when I received my new toy in the mail, and have been intending to give my review on it every day that has went by, but didn’t get the chance to as I haven’t been off the bed accept to go to the bathroom and work! Seriously, my boyfriend is as wrapped up in this as I am, so he has been making me stay on the bed and having me use my new toy for him, of course I do not mind doing so as I am having orgasms out of this world. Orgasms that make my whole-body shiver and shake and I cannot quit squirting, it’s so awesome. He is even bringing food in and hand feeding me, I love it! how to make dildo you will use all the time

N-joy Pure Wand Packaging


  • Total length end to end: about 8 inches
  • Total length when measured along the curve: about 10 inches
  • Small ball diameter: 1 inch
  • Large ball diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: about 1.5 pounds

How it Feels

I am not going to lie, after opening the package and cleaning it for the first time (to be on the safe side), I was inserting my wonderful toy and it seemed to know just where it was meant to go and suddenly, within seconds I began to shake and my boyfriend was standing at the foot of the bed quietly saying “Ohhh… yeah bay, keep on, this is getting good,” and that is what I’ve been doing almost a week now.

Of course, he enjoys taking control too and he has been the one using it on me over half the time. Just imagine how I must have been feeling since I have not ever really had an orgasm, it is amazing! It has me squirting constantly, and my body feels exhilarating from the way it makes me shiver and shake. I will have to say that this wand is truly amazing. I have never come across anything or anyone that could do this to me, thank you N-joy! I wouldn’t care about what else was going on or being done to me as long as I had my little N-joy inside of me, I’m serious. Satisfyer pro penguin


One of its advantages is that it doesn’t require any batteries, which saves me on the cost of buying them. Another advantage is that it is water resistant, and also will never wear out. In my opinion, it is well worth the price I paid for it and I would go as far as to say that I have made a great investment. I will only need to purchase and keep on hand some antibacterial soap for keeping it clean.