RandomRedRose is Almost One Year Old – A Year As A Sex Toy Reviewer

RandomRedRose turns one on the 25th June and I really don’t know where the time has gone.  But what has a year as a sex toy reviewer really been like?  Do I still love it?

I want to thank a few people for helping me out so much when I started.  The amazing guy who answered all of my questions no matter how ridiculously simple the answers really were.  Who, even when he was really busy or just not feeling himself, took the time to respond. Every. Single. Time.  At the beginning of this journey he made me feel welcome to the sex blogging community.  Thank you so much Sub from Subsmissives.

There have been a number of other bloggers who have helped me out, tolerated my competition tweets and been as wonderfully honest, helpful and supportive as you could hope for.  Thank you to LittleSBitch from LittleSwitchBitch, Ella from Scanderella, Echo from EchoExplores, AfterDark from Afterrdarkk.  You have all been absolutely amazing throughout my blogging journey.  Without you I wouldn’t have known where to begin, how to approach companies or how to even set up my blog.  It has meant everything to me to have your support.

Thanks also has to be given to those companies that took a chance on my writing, my website and me. At the very beginning, Lovehoney, Sh Womens Store, HumLatex Leather and Lace, Wicked Butterfly all gave me a chance.  I didn’t know quite what I was doing, I wrote one review a week and my writing style was a little underdeveloped but you took a gamble by sending me items to review and gently nudged me when I was making little mistakes.  I couldn’t have made it the full year without you.  So thank you.  I may not work with some of you anymore but you will always be appreciated for those early days.

I now work with a lot more companies and I appreciate everyone that takes a chance with me.

Balloons A Year As A Sex Toy Reviewer

A final thanks goes to the readers of my blog, the one off article readers, the casual browsers and the regular visitors, I hope you enjoy visiting the site and reading what I have to say.  I definitely enjoy you popping by.  You are very appreciated.

Plans for the Future

When asked what my plans are for the future of RandomRedRose my response is simple.  I want to keep on enjoying it.  I’m not a person who has many goals in life, I’m not career driven, I’m not hell bent on being the biggest or the best. I just want to get better at what I’m doing.  Improve my writing style, vocabulary and gentle wit.  I don’t claim to be good at this blogging thing but I do claim to be ever improving and pushing myself.

The goals of RandomRedRose remain the same to amuse, inform and aid.

Fireworks to celebrate A Year As A Sex Toy Reviewer

This year has all been about setting up, becoming established, making connections and building a reputation for being kind, considerate and trustworthy.  The future holds much of the same, I’ve recently opened the doors of RandomRedRose to a guest reviewer, Petra Pan, who I think is enjoying being a part of the sex blogging community.  I am enjoying having her work on the site and hope she decides to keep contributing.

What’s Coming Up

On the 25th June, our 1st anniversary of the blog, there will be a giveaway sponsored by Sophie from the amazing Boudoir Adult Boutique.

There will be a lot more reviews from me, a few more personal erotic diary entries, possibly some educational pieces and guest reviews from Petra Pan.

How Do I Feel After A Year As A Sex Toy Reviewer

There are a lot of emotions that come to mind as I reflect on my year as a sex toy reviewer.  It hasn’t been easy.  There has been a lot of work gone into the website and the reviews.  There are times that I have loved it and there have been times, recently, where I have felt like giving up.  Where people have been less than kind, but the positives far out weigh the negatives.  This blog has allowed me to find myself again, when I felt incredibly lost. I’ve made so many friends and gained confidence in myself.  If you’re thinking of starting a blog, any sort of blog, I urge you to do it, have confidence in yourself and in what you can achieve.

I’m incredibly proud of RandomRedRose, it may not be the best or most beautiful website but it is mine.  I hope you continue to enjoy coming and seeing what I have to say.

Please visit again soon!

A Year As A Sex Toy Reviewer Kiss





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8 Replies to “RandomRedRose is Almost One Year Old – A Year As A Sex Toy Reviewer”

  1. Naughty Nerd

    Early Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have had a hell of a year Rose and I hope the coming years continue to be just as fun packed!
    Thank you for the support you have given me on the start of my blogging journey. If I can be anywhere near as good as you are in 11 months time I will be very happy!

  2. Petra Pan

    Your site is fantastic, and you’re a lovely person RandomRedRose! You have helped me immensely too and you should be very proud of your site xx

  3. Bondage God

    Congratulations on blogging for a year. It is interesting to read how other people started and enjoyed there first year of blogging. Especially when im still months in to my blog and where I be when mine reaches a year. There really is so much to learn with blogging.

  4. Posy Churchgate

    I am a follower of your blog and I enjoy it. I’m also in my first 6 months of blogging, so your description of what you do and who you have approached is very interesting and informative. I intend to expand from just posting erotica & my thoughts and attitudes to product reviews. I’m very much watching and learning. Congratulations on realising your dream x

    1. Rose Post author

      Aww thank you both so much! What is your blog called Posy? I’d love to pop over and read some of your posts xx


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