Behind the Scenes at Latex, Leather and Lace

Latex, Leather and Lace Alternative Clothing, Lingerie and Fetishwear

I have wanted to find out everything I can about the adult industry since I started  The more I discover the more knowledge I want to gain.  Everything about it fascinates me.  So when Latex, Leather and Lace invited me to their office for a coffee and chat I simply couldn’t resist.

As quite a nervous, anxious, little person, the drive to the Latex, Leather and Lace offices was a rather nerve wracking experience. All I could do was imagine all sorts of ridiculous things.  I imagined huge sex toy signs and lots of advertising for Latex, Leather and Lace all over the building.  The stereotypical sex shop owner appearing from behind beaded curtains, clad in some of their latex gear, played over in my mind.  Would it be an absolutely huge place with lots of people running around whilst busily waving dildo’s in the air?  Well let me tell you none of these things happened.

There was no advertising on the building.  There was a disappointing lack of beaded curtains and no one waving silicone dildos, as they ran through the warehouse.  I was greeted by a rather lovely and friendly Anna.  My nerves dissipated.  I became very aware of just how ridiculous my thoughts had been when I met the wonderful office dog next, and had lots of cuddles.  I was then shown around the offices and settled in for a coffee and a chat with Patrick and Anna.


The office itself was a normal, fairly unintimidating office, save for a desk absolutely covered in the most interesting collection of items.  There was also a section set up for photography as some of the product photos are taken on site.


As a reviewer, I have a major urge to comment on Anna’s coffee making skills… it was dark, strong and sweet…yummy.

Quick Questions

Looking around the Warehouse

After answering all of my rather nosey questions, and letting me fondle some of the sample products in the office,  I got to check out the warehouse.  The warehouse was surprisingly small but well organised.  I wanted to see everything and I was allowed to.

One thing I have to mention is quality.  These guys value quality highly and I applaud them for it.  I delved into a long rack of clothing only to be told that these beautiful items were not for sale.  They were faulty.  I looked at an exquisite looking red dressand could not see a problem with it.  Patrick then pointed out that one of the seams didn’t quite line up to the other on the black piping.  I absolutely love this attention to detail.

Another example of this need to ensure quality was found when I looked at a simply stunning, leather bondage corset.  As I looked in the lining I found the material over the boning had been cut open.  This was to check that the boning was the type that had been requested.  Could anything be better than a company that cares?



So how did I end my day at Latex, Leather and Lace?  With arms full of items to test and review.  Anna and Patrick definitely know their stock and know what looks good or will work for someone.  Anna picked out the perfect dress for me.  If these guys open up a shop in the future you NEED to head down.  They will be able to pick out the perfect items for you.

I’m such a picky person with what I will try in clothing, due to my chunkiness and excessive curves I can often find it embarrassing to pick something.  These guys really listen to what you want as a customer and find something perfect.  There is no need for embarrassment as they are so non-judgemental.  So did I find anything I didn’t like about my visit to Latex, Leather and Lace?  The simple answer is no.

Latex, Leather and Lace may be a small company but they seem to ensure everything is to the best standards and that you’re happy with your orders.  Will I actually be spending money here myself?  I already have.  I have a lovely pair of Pleaser shoes on their way to me as I type.