Behind The Scenes At… Boudoir Adult Boutique (Sort of)

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen me mention Boudoir Adult Boutique many times.  This is because they are one of my favourite companies.  Boudoir Adult Boutique is very new on the scene but has proved to be pretty fabulous.  Sophie, the owner, is always coming up with fun competitions and challenges.  There is a lovely community spirit revolving around this company.  Ordering items is easy, packaging is discreet and there is usually a sneaky discount code to be found.

If you want to shop with a reliable, friendly and fun store this may be the perfect one for you.  I really think you should check them out.

I’ve been invited to go behind the scenes at Boudoir Adult Boutique, (which I will be taking them up on at a late date) but unfortunately I couldn’t make it down to their warehouse, this time.  It remains un-raided.  I decided I couldn’t let this opportunity, to interrogate a new adult business pass by though, so Sophie was pestered.

What did you do before Boudoir Adult Boutique?

Before I started the shop, I was (and still am) a stay at home mum. Before I got pregnant, I worked in a call centre for the NHS being shouted at all day, so this is a lovely change! I started the shop so that I could stay at home once my daughter goes to school, and I can be home during half terms etc.

What made you want to set up a business in the adult industry?

I’ve always loved anything about sex – I love watching tv shows, documentaries, all that fun stuff! There’s so many different options and fetishes to try out, and everyone is into something. I actually wanted to start up my own business after watching a tv show about a competitor (we all know who!) and a behind the scenes at their warehouse, and I knew from then it was what I had to do!

How many members of staff are there at Boudoir Adult Boutique?

There are currently 4 of us, we’re very tight knit and put in so much work that we’re doing okay! The dream is for my partner to leave his job in a few years and help out full time once we move into bigger premises! Once we grow we’ll be taking on more people, although we are always looking for people to help on the promo side!

Do you design any of the items you sell?

Not currently, but we have big plans! We are hoping to be able to design and stock a plus size lingerie line, and would love to have our own bondage items. We’re looking at a subscription service in the near future also.

Out of all of the items you stock, which is your favourite?

Oh this is a hard one! How do I pick a favourite?! I’m going to have to pick two! My all time favourite on the lingerie side, without doubt, is our Floral Retro Set. It is absolutely beautiful, and very flattering. My other favourite has to be our Fetish Fantasy Series Quilted Pink Heart Paddle. I’m a girly girl so the pink is a win, the fact it’s a paddle just makes it ten times better!

What industry events/shows do you attend?

To date, we’re yet to attend an event as a business! We’re always looking for upcoming events so if anyone reading this has any suggestions, please let us know! We’re hoping to go to Eroticon next year, and we’re also hoping to hold our own event in London so that we can meet some of our lovely followers/reviewers and show everyone some of our goodies!

What plans do you have for the future of Boudoir Adult Boutique?

We have big plans! We’re still very new on the scene, but we’re proud of how far we’ve come already. Plans in the future are the lingerie and bondage line, holding our own event, moving to bigger and better premises and having a whole team of kinky people working for us!

You can find Boudoir Adult Boutique on their website, on twitter and on facebook.

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