Last Night, An Erotic Diary Entry

Sometimes Mr Rose likes to surprise me.  Last night was no different. After busily writing reviews, and taking the chance to ignore the things happening around me, I went upstairs to find our room bathed in the warm glow of candles.  He’d placed some white pillar candles in the hearth of the fireplace in our room.  They looked beautiful.  Transforming our long, narrow room into a cosy safe haven.

Then I saw the bed.  Nothing unusual about our bed, other than it being perfectly made, but the items laid out on top of the crisp white sheets gave me a glimpse of what he had in mind.  Gazing at the small items I could already feel the longing enveloping me. How could items so small cause such a reaction? Two simple, black satin lengths of material shimmered in the flickering light. Golden sparkles in the blackness.  I started to imagine them binding me.

Next to them lay a satin blindfold, matching the restraints perfectly. I let out an involuntary sigh of anticipation and delight, he knows me so well.  He knows how much I love not being able to tell what’s coming next during his teasing games. Then there was a small item, about the length of my finger, with a silver ball on the end.  At the other end was a fluffy, black plume of soft feathers.  I’d never experienced a tickler before.  I raised my eyebrows in surprise, I love it when he tries new things.

A delightfully small but interesting black silicone finger vibrator was next.  I wondered how these mixes of sensations would feel.  Last but not least was an impressive. Plain, black, almost navy, g-spot vibrator.

I felt his arms wrap around my waist from behind.  He kissed my neck. A shiver ran up into my cheeks and down my spine.  I don’t know how long he’d been standing there observing me, but he had a cheekiness about his manner.  When I turned around to kiss him back it was hard to ignore his obvious mischievous and wicked grin.  He was very pleased with himself.  When his lips left mine he started to undress me. Kissing parts of my body as he did.  Short, infuriatingly quick kisses, that I know he enjoys, knowing fully well how each one is too fleeting for me to fully savour.  I was longing for him to suck and nip at my skin with his teeth.  Then reaching behind me he picked up the blindfold.

I was very aware of the state of my unruly long blonde hair, I have the habit of running my hands through it whilst I’m thinking and writing reviews, as he pulled the blindfold over my eyes. “Lay back on the bed, put your hands above your head.”  It was said in barely a whisper, close to my ear, he placed a kiss there as he helped me into position.  Following that gentle but firm command he was silent.  It was the last time I would hear his voice for a while.

The coolness of the silky satin material as it was wrapped around my wrist was a beautiful sensation.  Then, in contrast to the smoothness, it suddenly bit into my skin as it was pulled tight. This was repeated so that both my arms were stretched out to each corner of the top of our bed.  I was left lying there in silence. Exposed. Watched.

I heard him moving something heavy towards the end of the bed, a click, a whirr and a gentle, cool breeze touched my warm skin.  He’d turned the fan on low.  I felt my nipples become erect in their protest to the cold. I wanted the warmth of his mouth on them.  The need was intense.  Instead I felt the strangest sensation.  The tickle of the soft feathers on my stomach, shading me slightly from the fan.  It was like a warm breath on my cool skin.  It trailed up my body, warming me, relaxing me. I sighed at the delightful feeling.  Then gasped as I was scratched.

Shocked.  Another rarely felt sensation.  Mr Rose has very blunt nails so I knew this wasn’t what was causing the scratches.  The tickling occurred randomly around my body, the scratches shocking me in other places.  The contrast was delicious.  Warm soft tickles followed by stinging sharpness. Suddenly everything stopped and I was left panting, moaning and almost exhausted with the constant change and onslaught of sensations.

After a few minutes, once my breathing had returned to normal, my body began to tremble as all I could now feel was the cool breeze from the fan.  I became very aware of my nakedness and vulnerability.  Waiting, I longed for another touch.  I wanted the heat of his skin against mine, I wanted to feel his hard cock inside me.  My body longed to feel his hard thrusts deep within me.  I let my mind wander as I lay there untouched.  It was torturous.  It was exquisite.

Then there was warm wet heat and the nip of teeth as he kissed my hard nipples.  My legs opened involuntarily welcoming him to me.  He ignored my longing.  Whilst he kissed me, he ran his hands over my body.  The vibrating started.  He pinched my nipple hard between the finger vibrator and his thumb and rolled it slightly.  The vibrations felt like they were coursing towards my stomach.  I was becoming desperate.  My hips moved without my will.  I wanted to feel it on my swollen clit.  He moved away again and I then felt the g-spot vibrator between my thighs.

Mr Rose teased me with it before slowly pushing it inside of me.  He gently thrust it into me over and over again.  The vibrations causing trembles of pleasure.  His skilful fingers ran over my clit at the same time.  Waves of pleasure washed over my body.  Becoming more intense each time.  I moaned uncontrollably.  Until the waves of pleasure built up to an explosion.  My orgasm was intense and all consuming.  He removed the vibrator and took its place.

He kissed me then as my body relaxed and met his rhythm.

Replicating Our Night

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