Coco De Mer Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs

These beautiful Coco de Mer brown leather wrist cuffs were sent for free by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. I was so excited when I was chosen to receive the Coco de Mer Wrist cuffs.  I’ve always been disappointed with handcuffs.  The metal ones have a tough and harsh look but dig in too tightly to the skin.  Some leather ones I’ve had can also dig in too tightly or have come apart.  The problem with having a very strong partner to subdue and dominate is that the cuffs used really can’t just be for decoration.  I’ve even had Mr Rose break through the metal chains between cuffs on several occasions.

It’s a hard life right?!  I’ve had to resort to rope.  Which allows for some wonderful play.  I can attack him with the most beautiful and complex of knots.  I can tie him to any surface…that can tolerate the fight he puts up to be free.  But I miss the ease of just slapping on the restraints sometimes. Hence the excitement over the Coco de Mer Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs.  They look strong.

I do feel like I need to say at this point that Mr Rose does consent to the use of restraints but it’s the actual fight to escape them that is a huge turn on for him.  He loves it when I take control, force him into bondage and then tease and torment him whilst he fights for control.


Appearance of the Coco de Mer Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs

The Coco de Mer Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs are simply gorgeous.  They come in a cream linen drawstring storage bag, embossed with the Coco de Mer logo.  Which should keep them safe and protect the leather.  They are a stunning deep chocolate brown colour and the leather is incredibly soft. The inner part of the Coco de Mer brown leather wrist cuffs are padded, almost to excess, in order to increase comfort.  The buckles are chunky and brass, and remind me a lot of equestrian equipment.  The 8 inch connecting leather strap has two quick release lobster claw clips that are also chunky and brass.  The buckle straps also have the Coco de Mer logo impressed into the leather.

The overall look of these leather wrist cuffs is one of extreme luxury.  Every detail is perfect, right down to the stitching.  I couldn’t find a single fault or imperfection.


Information on the Coco de Mer Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs

Material:   Leather and Brass

Fastening:   Buckle

Size:   L/XL to fit wrist size from 4.5 inch to 9 inch circumference.  (Also available in size S/M to fit wrist size 5 inch to 7.5 inch.)



Rose’s Experience of the Coco de Mer Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs

Usually during our play I will be the one doing the restraining and Mr Rose is normally restrained.  However, for the purpose of reviewing the Coco de Mer Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs we both tried being restrained, which I have to admit was pretty amazing.

Candles burning, faux fur blanket on the floor.  Mr Rose knelt beside me as I held out my hands infront of me. The smooth, soft leather encircled my wrist and tightened deliciously against my skin as he pulled the buckles tight.  He did the same on my other wrist, then putting his hand against my lower back he eased me down.  Kissing me tenderly, but passionately he forced my arms up behind my head and using the connecting strap he secured me to the wooden post in our room.  Mr Rose then slid a blindfold over my eyes and I could see the flickering light of the candle on his body no more. But I could feel everything.

I tried to pull my arms down but couldn’t.  I twisted my hands, testing to see if I could ease my hand free through the cuffs, but I couldn’t.  These cuffs held me comfortably in place as he rained kisses down on my body and caressed wherever he wanted. I was totally helpless to stop him.  Then I remembered the quick release clips and although I could reach one I couldn’t quite get the strength to release myself.

I will be repeating this experience again!!


Then it came to my turn.  Mr Rose had made putting these cuffs on look easy.  I didn’t find it quite so easy.  The length of these cuffs and the extra padding did make it slightly more difficult for me to pull the buckle tight. Once in place I thought they looked beautiful.  I felt my self getting hot and flustered just looking at them on his wrists.

He couldn’t get out of them either, although I made him promise he wouldn’t try to break them. He did put a lot of pressure on them though and told me they’re very strong.  Much stronger than any we’ve tried before.  The only problem with them was, in the position I’d placed him in, he could reach and had the strength in his fingers to use the release clips on the connecting strap.  This isn’t a flaw with the cuffs though.  But I may have to be more inventive when using them again.


The Coco de Mer Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs are a little on the expensive side at a current price of £119.00 but I think they are worth the price.  The quality is undeniable.  They’re beautiful.  They’re strong.  They’re comfortable.  I feel like they are a luxury item, a special treat, that I will definitely be using again and again.

One thing I will say is that they are very large, being a chunky chick I thought I would need this size but I needed them doing up on the tightest hole.  Before purchasing please do measure your wrists and get the correct size for you.  The bonus of getting this size though is that they easily convert into ankle cuffs too.

I absolutely love these cuffs!  Hopefully I’ll get to add to these with other items in the range.  Other items include a Leather CollarLeather BlindfoldLeather Ankle CuffsLeather FloggerLeather Lead and Leather Paddle.


Appearance:   (5 / 5)
Features:   (4 / 5)
Orgasm Rating:   (0 / 5)
Quality:   (5 / 5)
Will I Use it Again:   (5 / 5)

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