Fever Hosiery Extra Large Fishnet Tights

Looking at beautiful women in lingerie, their gorgeous bodies enhanced with fine materials, I long to be them.  I adore lingerie and own a lot of it.  It makes me feel sexy and stunning, but the one thing I can never get quite right is the tights and stockings.  My curvaceous, rather wobbly calves and thighs tend to ruin the image for me.  It has become a bit of a terrifying, daunting and near impossible mission to find hosiery that is comfy, sexy and fits.  Latex, Leather and Lace were determined that they had some for me, and sent the Fever Hosiery Extra Large Fishnet Tights, for free in exchange for an honest review.


Fever Hosiery Extra Large Fishnet Tights

The Fever Hosiery Extra Large Fishnet tights come in a simple, small, slim box.  Nothing unusual about them.  The lady on the box doesn’t really look very plus sized.  I have a little glimmer of leg envy surfacing, those legs are beautifully long.  Looking down at my short, fat legs, I can already feel a flutter of worry.  I can see it already, I’m going to try wiggling into them and end up being a complete sweaty, little mess.  Possibly laying on the floor panting, with them only half way over my huge bottom, and a large hole where my fingers have ripped through.  I might even wonder how I can pass off these extra holes as part of the fishnet design…”They’ve chosen a random net weave, I think it’s revolutionary.”

On the back of the box it states “one size fits most”, oh here we go.  I am not most!  The care instructions are also there.  You need to wash them by hand and hang dry.  I’m not sure they will make it to that stage but at least I know.

How did they fit and feel?

How wrong can I be?  The Fever Hosiery Extra Large Fishnet Tights fit perfectly.  I slid the very black, perfect sized weave material over my legs easily.  They didn’t gape at the ankle or behind the knee and they didn’t tear as I pulled them over my hips.  They felt silky and soft.  Snagging didn’t occur either whilst I was wearing them, Mr Rose did offer to tear them into crotchless tights though.  The big brute.

I’m not sure how many washes and wears these tights would survive but I’m definitely going to be purchasing more.  If you have legs that are a lot longer than mine but just as chunky these may not be the tights for you as I don’t think I could have pulled them much higher.  I would strongly recommend giving these a try if you consider yourself plus size as they’re surprisingly forgiving and make me feel amazing.

Quick Reference

Name of Product: Fever Hosiery Extra Large Fishnet Tights

Material: 100% Nylon

Washing instructions: Hand wash and hang dry

Where can I get some? Latex, Leather and Lace for £5.99.

Appearance:   (5 / 5)
Quality:   (4.5 / 5)
Will I Use it Again:   (5 / 5)

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

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