Klittra of Sweden Review by Petra Pan

I was very excited to try this product out for Wilder Sides, who provided me with the Klittra of Sweden roll-on sex toy in exchange for my honest review. Thanks Wilder Sides!

Wilder Sides

My items arrived in super fast time (within 2 days) and were very well and discreetly packaged. Which is a good job, as they came to my work address – thanks team!

Klittra of Sweden

Klittra of Sweden is an ingenious and unique product. It’s based on a roll-on deodorant bottle which means it looks incredibly discreet, unless the person who finds it knows what ‘klittra’ means in Swedish! The Klittra is a versatile little thing; not only is it a lubricant applicator, but it boasts 5 vibrating functions too.

Packaging & Looks

Klittra of SwedenThe Klittra comes in a small, crisp and somewhat clinical looking box. It doesn’t look like it houses a sex toy, more like a medical device! Inside the box is the vibrating lubricant roll-on device, a USB charging cable and a 30ml bottle of Pjur Water-Based Lube, plus some detailed instructions.  Can’t wait to try it out!



To charge the Klittra Roller, plug the cable into the base of the toy and the other end into your laptop or USB mains plug. The LED button blinks when it’s charging, and will stay on constantly when it is full. You get a total of 40 minutes use from a 1.5 – 2 hour charge. I like the fact a full charge doesn’t take very long; I’m impatient!

The Klittra

Klittra of Sweden

The Klittra of Sweden looks incredibly discreet, like a deodorant or body spray. If you had this packed in your case coming back from a holiday, you’d not be embarrassed if you got stopped and searched at customs (depending on what else you have in there!) The toy itself is skin safe, and the materials used are silicone and PU coated ABS. The Klittra Roller feels smooth to the touch.

The Klittra logo is on the front, with the on/off button and charging port hidden away on the bottom. To prepare the Roller for use, screw and pull to open up both ends so you have two parts. Then, pull off the lid and this will reveal the roller. You’ll now have 3 separate parts – the lid, the roller and the base (see photos).

There are 5 functions to the Klittra of Sweden; 2 constant speeds, a deep wave pattern, a faster wave and an even faster high speed wave.

Applying the Lube

Place the roller inside the lid upside down, and pour some lube inside it. I started off with two good squirts and gave it a try; this is a bit of ‘trial and error’ so I would suggest starting with a couple of good squirts and adding more should you need it. You’ll know how much you need after your first use. Then screw the base onto the roller, taking care not to turn it upside down as you’ll spill the lube! Leave the lid to one side.

You can swap lube for warm water if you wish, or a stimulating water-based lubricant; whatever takes your fancy. Just ensure you use a water-based lube as parts of the Klittra from Sweden are silicone.

Getting Started…

Start to gently roll the roller onto the back of your hand until you see a light lube-like sheen on your skin! Then, I switch the vibrations on and they start on the lowest constant speed. There is no memory function so the vibrator always starts on this speed. I make a start on my pussy, rolling gently over my entire vulva; starting at the outer labia, down towards my entrance and the surrounding skin. I push it deeper into my inner labia, before working my way upwards to encircle my clit. Pressing the button on the base will enable you to scroll through the 5 functions. It’s a single button so you can’t go back a step, but with only 5 this isn’t really a necessity. Noise wise, it’s not too bad but it’s loud enough that you need to put some music on if you share a house.

What does it feel like?

Klittra of Sweden

On the lowest constant speed, the vibrations transfer into my hand which feels irritating. The roller end feels nice, but the tingling in my hand and fingers puts me off and I can’t concentrate on the sensation. I’ve tried my hardest to stick with this vibration and see if it gets better the more I use it, but I have come to the conclusion that it simply doesn’t do it for me.

However… upping it to the higher constant speed feels better. I can feel an orgasm start to stir, although it’s a bit backwards in coming forwards! The vibrations are fairly deep, not overly powerful but there is enough power in the higher constant to keep my interest. The vibrations in my hand don’t feel as bad on the higher speed, but I can still feel them which puts me off a little. However now I’m warmed up, I quite enjoy circling my clit with the roller, or even holding it still. The vibrations aren’t overly powerful, even on the higher speeds.

Clicking the button again, the next function you will find is a deep wave pattern. This is very pleasurable! I don’t normally enjoy patterns much, other than for a warm up, but this one is particularly nice. Good for a bit of edging. Clicking the button again gives you a more powerful pattern, and even more so if you click it again.

To switch off the Roller, press and hold the on/off button for 2-3 seconds.


I enjoy the second constant speed on this, and the deep wave pattern. The lubricant comes out well, and is very evenly distributed so I have lovely lubricated pussy and bum! It’s great as an applicator, and to get me lubed up in readiness for dildo or PIV sex.


Cleaning is easy; simply take the full Klittra roller into the bathroom, separate the parts and rinse the head under the tap. Clean inside the head, where you had put the lube. Once this has been rinsed, leave it to air dry.

I just wiped out the base part with a tissue as some of the lube was sat on top of the spongy part. The lid was clean but you can rinse this out too if needed.


This would be a great toy to help with treating vaginal dryness. It’s also very discreet looking for those who prefer a sex toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy! It’s ideal for a warm up and edging, and to get you lubed up for a dildo or sex.

I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone owning the ‘Power Queen’ title; the vibrations aren’t overly strong. Also, it’s fairly loud so perhaps not to be used when your housemates are around.

[usrlist: “Appearance:3” “Quality:3.5” “Features:3” “Noise level loud to quiet:2” “Orgasm Rating low to high:1.5”]

How to get yours!

Get your hands on a Klittra of Sweden by visiting the Wilder Sides.

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