So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet review by Petra Pan

I was sent the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet in exchange for my honest review, thank you So Divine! Follow them on twitter at  and their website is here!


So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet

The So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet comes in a cute rose gold coloured box, which matches the colour of the toy. It’s quite small, so ideal to be kept and used for storage. Inside, you’ll find the Halo Bullet and instruction card.

I was delighted to find the bullet comes with batteries; hurrah! So you can get started with it straight away. Simply remove the small circle of card that sits inside the battery compartment.

The Bullet

So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet

The So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet is a gorgeous shade of rose gold. It’s a small bullet, for me it is as long as my palm. The surface is very smooth and the bullet is firm. If you’re a fan of pinpoint stimulation, you’re in luck! The highly tapered tip is ideal for this. If you’re not so keen on pinpoint then fear not, this little beauty can easily be used lengthways or at an angle.

There’s a single push-button on the base and it has one speed.

Noise & Power

It’s fairly loud, although you might be able to muffle the noise through a duvet. The vibrations are quite buzzy. The motor is inside the head of the vibrator so the vibrations don’t transfer very much into your fingers; a massive bonus. I have used other small bullets which transfer the vibrations right into your fingers and hand, and it can be most off-putting.

Getting stuck in!

So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet

So how does it feel? I like to use this either going solo or with hubby. I used it today and watched myself playing with it in the mirror; I highly recommend this!! It’s most erotic to watch yourself playing. The rose gold colour of the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet is very attractive. It isn’t overly girly though so I feel comfortable using this with and on my husband.


The tip is extremely pinpoint so I don’t use it directly on my clit; I prefer to use it at an angle so I can feel more of the length of the bullet. However, in warming up I like to use the tip elsewhere on my vulva; running it up and down my labia and poking the head of the bullet just inside my pussy. The vibrations feel lovely. The bullet feels smooth as I run it up and down my vulva and the power is quite strong for a little bullet. When I’m ready, I hold the tip at an angle against my clit and very gently roll it side to side. You can press the bullet into your clit if you like a bit more power, but for me I prefer a gentle touch.

So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet


As the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet is waterproof it’s simple to clean. I spray it with sex toy cleaner and run it directly under the tap. Just ensure the battery compartment is tightly closed.


Batteries included (takes 3 x AG13 batteries)
Single speed


I would recommend this for solo and couples play. I would put the power of the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet at medium, so it might be a bit strong for some.

Appearance: (4.5 / 5)
Features: (2.0 / 5)
Quality: (4.0 / 5)
Noise Level 0 = Loud 5 = Quiet: (2.5 / 5)
Orgasm Rating: (4.0 / 5)

Where to Buy!

You can buy the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet for just £6.66 on the So Divine website.

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