We Vibe Unite Review by Petra Pan

The only couples toys I have are cock rings; the We-Vibe Unite is first toy I’ve bought that is designed to be worn whilst having sex. I fully intended to use it that way, but I also wanted to see how it felt during a solo session as I was intrigued by the design!

We-Vibe Unite

Packaging & Extras

The We-Vibe Unite comes in a little red box containing the vibrator, a remote control, USB power cable, quick start users guide, white satin-style storage bag, and – I was pleased to discover – a 2ml small sample of We-Vibe lube from Pjur so you can use it straight away!

We-Vibe UniteThe vibrator is splashproof not waterproof, so don’t take it in the bath. But it’s fine to be rinsed under the tap.  It’s rechargeable and a full charge takes approx 6 hours, and the battery the lasts for around 1 hour on a full charge.

It’s designed to be hands-free by using the simple and discreet looking single button remote control.


It’s made of body safe pthalate free silicone, and is very small and discreet.  It’s a lovely neutral shade of purple.  The shape resembles a ‘C’; the father end with the We-Vibe logo goes onto your clitoris and has a more powerful motor.  The other, slimmer end is to be worn internally against your g-spot.  The silicone feels very soft, but not silky smooth. It’s thick silicone, the type that collects lint and dust incredibly easy!  So I always wash it before as well as after use. It’s flexible and bendy.

We-Vibe UniteThe silicone is thick and quite draggy (in that it clings to you and ‘drags’ when you thrust it in and out) so I use plenty of lube with it.  Thanks to the draggy silicone, it unfortunately attracts lots of dust and lint.

Play Time!

The first time I used the We-Vibe Unite, I thought it was broken. I discovered it won’t work until it has plenty of charge and you need to press the tiny button on the clitoral stimulating head of the toy quite hard for 5 seconds before it’ll turn on.  Keep the pressure on, and eventually it’ll buzz into life!

There are 10 functions on the We-Vibe Unite, including 3 constant / steady speeds and 3 patterns.  The remote works from up to 3 metres away.

We-Vibe Unite

Noise-wise, it’s very quiet and sounds like a gentle purr rather than an irritating bee.  So not only does it look discreet, but it sounds discreet too.

Using it Solo

Using the We-Vibe Unite with a dildo (with the We-Vibe Unite inserted into my vagina), I tend to find the dildo pushes the Unite up my body and the clitoral stimulator ends up too high up and sits just above my clitoris. Inside it feels nice on my g-spot, but if I thrust too fast the whole thing pops out!  If I use a little less lube it helps make it less slippy, or I choose to grind rather than thrust, and it stays in place better.

The vibrations feel very nice, quite deep and yet a little buzzy. It doesn’t feel as strong internally, in fact I can hardly feel it’s there!  But it’s quite pleasurable and stronger on my clitoris.  The Unite is great for hands-free fun.  I like to put it in place and enjoy the vibes for a while, then as I approach orgasm I push and grind it into my pussy.We-Vibe Unite

Using it as a Couple

This is where it got rather frustrating for me.  I inserted the Unite in the midst of passion, and I didn’t bother with lube as I was already well lubricated!  It went into position easily and hubby entered me.  It felt rather awkward and ‘in the way’, but I left it there in case my other half was enjoying the sensation.  After a while it was getting on my nerves, so I asked hubby if he was enjoying it.  He said no, it’s getting in the way!  So we removed it, and I’ve not used it with my other half since.


I would recommend the We-Vibe Unite to people interested in some hands-free solo fun, and if you are a naughty couple who want something kinky to wear out and about!  The remote control works pretty well so you can wear it out and play around with the settings.  It’s not terribly noisy, I would feel confident wearing this in a noisy pub.  It’s definitely got some good points, but I don’t enjoy using it for what it was designed for.

How to get yours!

Should you want to try out the We-Vibe Unite, order yours for £79.99 from Lovehoney!

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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