L’Amourose Vera Personal Massager

Pasante sent me a number of items to review for them, for free, and I have to be honest I am feeling very spoilt.  They sent the Pasante Regular Condoms, Pasante Passion Condoms, the Sensations Need Me… Rabbit Vibrator and the L’amourose Vera.  I could have squealed with delight! I think I might have!

You see the thing is, I am a girly girl and I love pretty things.  I don’t just mean pink things.  I mean really beautifully designed things.  The first time I noticed L’Amourose was because of their gorgeous Prism V.  That angular, geometric body and the bold statement colours made me want to explore the range.  I ogled, lusted and practically drooled over these stunning pleasure products.  I’ve wanted to review them since before I started this blog.  So, I would like to thank Pasante for giving me this long awaited pleasure.


Features of the L’amourose Vera

The L’amourose Vera is in the category of luxury sex toy and as such I expect a lot from it in terms of features.  I’m happy to say the Vera doesn’t let me down.

It’s made from 100% FDA approved Silicone, it’s rechargeable and comes with a little charging dock and charging wire.  The Vera is totally waterproof, and has 12 speeds and 5 patterns.

I have to admit that the first L’Amourose Vera that arrived didn’t come with the charging plug, the reason I mention this is because I was so impressed with the way Pasante dealt with the problem.  The situation was handled with an efficient professionalism, that left me in awe of them and actually pleased I got to witness it.

To charge the Vera you just attach the plug to the dock and place the Vera on top.  Charging made simple.  The only thing I dislike about it is that the charging wire doesn’t push all of the way into the dock.  You can tell it’s charging though as an indicator light on the Vera will start to slowly flash.  Vera is fully charged when the light is continuous.


Our Experience with the L’Amourose Vera

As I gazed at the L’Amourose Vera in the box, I have to admit there was a flutter of anticipated disappointment. The black of the silicone was more of a dull grey. The shape reminded me of a pebble.  Then I picked it up and the relief was exquisite. The silicone is silky smooth, very firm and as I turned it over the pebble turned into a black diamond. The geometric cut catching the light in a mesmerising way.


I know, you want me to forget the way it looks and tell you how it feels.  Well, my wonderful reader, who am I to prolong your agony?! I pressed the + button and the L’amourose Vera rumbled to life, purring in my hand like a contented kitten. That’s right this is not a buzzy toy, this is a deep rumbler.  I amped up the speed and it practically jumped around in my hand.

Pressing the coffee bean button (it’s the only way I can think to describe it) the patterns kicked in.  I really like them.  I don’t usually like patterns as I can be very goal orientated in my pursuit of pleasure but there are a couple that really worked for me.

As a back and body massager I really like the L’Amourose Vera.  It fits perfectly in the palm of my hand and with a little bit of massage oil it glides easily.  As a clitoral stimulator it’s rumbly vibes are amazing but it lacks pinpoint precision which can be slightly frustrating.  The best way I found to enjoy it was to place it between myself and Mr Rose during missionary position.  This is because the broad surface area made sure that vibrations were always in the perfect place.

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning the L’Amourose Vera is easy.  As it is completely waterproof it can be placed in soapy water, use a sex toy cleaner and rinse, take it in the bath or shower.  Whatever you like.  Let it dry before storing it in the pouch provided.  Avoid using silicone lubricants with the Vera as it can be detrimental to the silicone on the toy.

L'Amourose Vera, Warranty Card and Information booklet

The L’Amourose Vera comes with an 18 month warranty for manufacturing defectsand a lifetime quality guarantee.  This means that if, after the 18 month warranty ends, the product has a manufacturing defect they will give you 50% discount off a new product.


The L’Amourose is a quiet, discreet, beautiful, rumbly vibrator.  It has all of the features I want in a luxury sex toy and due to its unobtrusive appearance it has become a bedside ornament.   I love it and I have been grabbing it a lot recently.  If you like a precision tip to your clitoral stimulators this may not be the perfect toy for you.

If you would like to purchase your own L’Amourose Vera you can find it here for £69.99.


Quick Reference

Name of Toy: L’Amourose Vera

Type of Toy: Clitoral stimulator, massager

Material: Silicone and ABS plastic

Rechargeable? Yes with Dock

Waterproof? Yes

Where can I get one? Pasante.com

[usrlist “Appearance: 4.5” “Features: 5” “Quality: 5” “Orgasm Rating: 4.5” “Noise Level Loud to Quiet: 4.5” “Will I Use It Again: 5”]


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