Oscuro 4.5cm Padded Leather Wrist Cuffs

The strength and power that envelops me when I use restraints is intoxicating.  I go from being the weaker of our pair.  The timid, meek and mild one, to the one in charge.  In these moments I feel strong and sexy as hell.  It’s almost like I become a different person.  In most cases this is purely in my mind, as Mr Rose has escaped many, many cuffs in the past.  I have a few mangled remains of restraints, that didn’t even put up a fight, in a drawer somewhere.  Latex, Leather and Lace have given me these Oscuro 4.5cm Padded Leather Wrist Cuffs to try in exchange for an honest review.  Will they allow me to become my alter ego or will they join the others in the drawer of broken cuffs?


Appearance and Features

These cuffs with their extra soft padding look luxurious.  They’re made from a soft black leather and have lockable silver metal buckles.  They also have metal D rings for attaching different items, making them very versatile.  They come with a small chain link.  Unfortunately I didn’t receive this, as I requested the Oscuro Leather Bondage Trigger Hook Connector, so I am unable to provide a photo.

The Oscuro 4.5cm Padded Leather Wrist Cuffs are 36cm long from buckle to the end of the leather.  The padded area has a total length of between 22-23cm and width of around 5cm.  I also tried to measure the approximate depth of the padding and got about 1cm.  The lockable buckles are pretty fabulous but you do need your own locks as none are provided.


Testing the Oscuro 4.5cm Padded Leather Wrist Cuffs

Mr Rose and I have enjoyed these wrist cuffs several times.  Due to the extreme padding these are incredibly comfortable.  I love the look of them and they smell divine!  I’m sorry to the vegans out there but I love the smell of leather and the added sensory indulgence it gives.

The Oscuro 4.5cm Padded Leather Wrist Cuffs are very strong too.  These have been pulled at and fought with in a rather wonderful manner.  They have been tested against Mr Roses’ strength and they did their job incredibly well.  They have not joined the drawer of broken dreams.  My alter ego was allowed to soar whilst Mr Rose struggled in the grips of the Oscuro Leather Wrist Cuffs…if only he couldn’t reach the trigger hooks on the connector so easily!  My solution to his escapism is the Double Ended Metal Bondage Trigger Clip Restraint.  I think this would be more difficult for him to reach the clips that would release him.


I love the lockable buckles and have used them very happily.  This is something I’ve never had with cuffs before.

Is there anything not to like about the Oscuro 4.5cm Padded Leather Wrist Cuffs?  Unfortunately there are a couple of things about these cuffs that aren’t so great.  I love to see finishing details being perfect and one thing I look for is straight neat stitching and straight edges to materials.  These cuffs do have imperfections, like wobbly stitching and the occasional jagged cut to the material.  Also after about four uses I noticed one of the cuffs is getting some slight damage to the inside including a slight tear (Please see photos below).  Also when measuring the length of the cuffs I found one was 1cm longer than the other.

The price of these cuffs is pretty amazing though, costing a rather low £35.95.  They’re comfortable and strong.


Appearance:  ( 2.5 / 5)
Features:   (5 / 5)
Quality:   (2 / 5)
Will I use it again:   (4.5 / 5)

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**Price correct at time of publishing.