Oscuro Suede Leather and Faux Fur Mini Flogger

The only time I’ve been spanked or done any spanking with the lovely Mr Rose was during a review of a couples game.  It was not successful.  The idea of spanking my big, strapping man with my little chubby hand was just odd.  We did find out I quite liked the sensation though.  On my visit to Latex, Leather and Lace, whilst picking out review items for me, I was asked whether I’d like to review a flogger.  Anna and Patrick were amused with my flogging virginity and knowingly handed me the Oscuro Suede Leather and Faux Fur Mini Flogger to try.



The Oscuro Suede Leather and Faux Fur Mini Flogger is 18 inches long with 12 inch tails.  There are faux fur inner tails, 12 on mine, and suede leather outer tails, 25 on mine.  It has a bound leather wooden handle and a leather rope wrist strap.

I’m not going to lie, it looks like a prop from a twisted muppets episode.  The Muppets meets bondage.  The bright red faux fur contrasted beautifully with the black tendrils of suede.  I love this colour combination but the furriness was very odd looking.  The faux fur is not as soft as you’d expect either, it is doubled over so there is a small amount of stiffness.


The handle is a nice length and easy to hold.  The leather is perfect, mine doesn’t have a single flaw on it.  I like the look of the leather but it isn’t soft, it feels a little stiff and plastic like.


What Does It Feel Like?

I can’t see a thing.  I’ve been deprived of my vision.  Lying on my front I wait.  It’s all I can do.  I long to be touched, to feel his warmth on my skin.  When I do feel something it’s on my ankle.  It’s soft and it tickles as it moves up my calf.  Delightful shivers run up my body.  The softness is wide spread as the tails of the flogger caress my skin as they move.  The sensation is removed and I again feel nothing.  I tense in anticipation not knowing what I’ll feel next.  Will it hurt?  Will it sting?  Or will the soft tickling recommence?

The tickling soft tendrils lick my skin again briefly on my bottom before being replaced with a thudding smack.  It is hard and heavy and a gasp escapes my lips.  “Did it hurt?” he breathes in my ear.  I shake my head, no.  “Harder?”  Never had one word sounded hotter.  “Yes”.  The moment this affirmation leaves my lips I feel the heavy thud only this time there is a sting to it.  I gasp.  It’s shocking and delicious.  It’s such a quick sting and then a warmth replaces it.  The anticipation before each swish of the flogger is undeniably exquisite.  I think I’m going to enjoy this flogging thing.


This flogger is not the prettiest I’ve seen but as a complete beginner I have loved it.  I did try it on Mr Rose too and we both enjoyed it.  I thought that impact play would not be for me, but as soon as I stopped using my hand and started using something else it became serious fun instead of funny.  I didn’t think using a flogger as a beginner would be something to recommend but I really want to.  If you’re thinking of using a flogger, but have never tried impact play, I think this would be perfect for you.  If you’ve never thought of trying it, I’d still recommend you consider it.

The Oscuro Suede Leather and Faux Fur Mini Flogger was excellent as a large tickler and provided soft thuds and mild to medium stings.  If you want the feel of swinging a flogger hard but are afraid of causing too much pain this is perfect.

This has opened up so much for Mr Rose and I.  We will definitely be exploring impact play thanks to this beginners flogger.  Thank you so much to Anna and Patrick for knowing what I’d like before I do.  The Oscuro Suede Leather and Faux Fur Mini Flogger was provided for free by Latex, Leather and Lace in exchange for an honest review.

If you’d like to purchase this wonderful beginners flogger you can find it here for £29.99.

Appearance:   (2.5 / 5)
Features:  (4.0 / 5)
Quality:  (4.0 / 5)
Will I Use it Again:  (5.0 / 5)

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