Pleaser Demonia Zombie-08 Peep Toe Heels

Shoes, glorious shoes!  Yes, I could burst into song, I could write an Ode to them or I could write a blog about them.  As my voice is a little, well, it’s not great; and my poetry skills are pretty dire, I’ll stick to writing about them.  FM Heels have very kindly sent me some Pleaser Demonia Zombie -08 Peep Toe heels to review.  Normally I get products sent for free but in this instance, I bought them with a discount that they sent to me.  I couldn’t resist!

I was able to choose any pair from the site, which was a massive challenge in itself.  There are hundreds of beautiful shoes, of all colours, sizes and heel heights.  I was overwhelmed with euphoria, oh my, the delightful options!

Personal Preferences

I am not a very confident person.  If you saw me out and about you would hardly notice me; despite my larger size.  You would see a plain woman, wearing dark jeans and a t-shirt, hair worn long and straight.  I have an innate need to blend into a crowd.  To be invisible, un-noticed and unjudged.  But a little part of me screams for individuality.  So if you look close enough there are one or two splashes of crazy colour.

My eye makeup can be brilliantly bright; and if you look down past the dark, boringly plain clothes, past the huge bottom and chunky thighs, you’ll see another uniqueness. My second nod to individuality. My shoes.


Pleaser Demonia Zombie -08 Peep Toe

The Pleaser Demonia Zombie -08 were a perfect choice for me.  They’re bright with almost fluorescent pinks, greens, oranges and yellows but they’re hidden slightly within the black. This has the odd effect of showing them off and dulling their impact down.  The pattern is of skulls, a zombie and a spider’s web.

The heel is approximately 4.5″ high and is covered in a crackle effect suede like material.  This is echoed over the upper heel area, the slightly platform toe and the buckle.  The buckle itself is unique and edgy.  It is spiked, flared and a gun-metal, dark silver. The details on this shoe are just beautiful.

They’re also vegan friendly.

My Experience with the Pleaser Demonia Zombie -08

When the Pleaser Demonia Zombie -08 Peep Toe Heels arrived I was so pleased.  They come in a black and burgundy box with a beautiful, almost ghostly image on the front.  It consisted of red, black and grey, feathers, beetles and swirling lines.  Inside the box the shoes are inside individual mesh bags and a larger canvas drawstring bag has been provided to protect them when not in use.


I absolutely love all of the attention to detail that this company go to with their shoes.

Inside the shoes, at the heel, there is a small elasticated material to help with the fit of the shoe.  I am in-between sizes usually so this really helps them not to slip off my feet.  I think these look beautiful on but they are not incredibly comfortable to wear.  Walking in them on a flat surface is easy but they are stiff.  There is no bend in the sole, due to the platform, so dips and hills are impossible for me.  If you are more balanced and used to wearing this type of shoe you may find them easier.


I’ve worn these out a number of times now but I have to say they have only been to events where I have to walk a short distance and then sit down, like at a restaurant.  It’s possibly due to this reason that even though I have worn them numerous times there are no signs of damage or wear anywhere. I love them.


The Pleaser Demonia Zombie -08 Peep Toe Heels appear to be incredibly well made.  I would love to see them in a slightly lower heel without the platform as I think, for me, it would make them easier to wear on a more regular basis.  They are absolutely beautiful though.

If you would like to see more of the Demonia range you can find them here.  There are a huge range of styles within this category but if you like the zombie style you can find a further variety of colours here.

If you’d like to purchase this pair you can do so here for £39.85.

Appearance:   (5 / 5)
Quality:   (5 / 5)
Fit:   (4.5 / 5)
Will I Wear Them Again:   (4 / 5)

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

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