Satisfyer 2, The Most Amazing Toy in The World…But Is It?

Satisfyer have been describing themselves as the most amazing toy in the world but is it true?  So far I have been unimpressed.  The Satisfyer Pro 2 was pretty awesome but I found the lack of a decrease intensity button frustrating.  The Satisfyer Pro Penguin was super cute but I just couldn’t get along with it.  Will the Satisfyer 2 be my perfect Satisfyer match? I’d like to thank Satisfyer for sending the Satisfyer 2 for free in exchange for an honest review.


Features of the Satisfyer 2

The Satisfyer 2 boasts a number of features.  It says it is whisper quiet, waterproof (IPX7), easy to clean, has 11 programs and is made from body-friendly silicone.  It is lacking, when it comes to being rechargeable, but at least if you choose to take it away anywhere with you remembering a cable won’t be an issue.  To use this pressure wave, touch-free clitoral stimulator you just need to twist the base off and insert 2xAAA batteries.

Inside the box is the Satisfyer 2 and an instruction leaflet.


The Satisfyer 2 is an odd looking toy, but then again it isn’t your average vibrator.  It’s a classy white and rose gold colour.  It’s unobtrusive, I think it looks mildly discreet and could easily be mistaken for some sort of light hair removal/beauty device.


There is a wide nozzle allowing for full coverage of the clitoral area.  This broad head has a removable, very firm, silicone nozzle.  Which allows for easy cleaning. There are two separate buttons on the body of the toy.  An on/off button and then a larger increase/decrease button.  They’re paced in an adequate position for ease of reach when the toy is in use.

My Experience with the Satisfyer 2

After poor experiences with the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, I had little hope that this one would have me gripping the bed sheets in ecstasy.  I was happily surprised though.  The increase and decrease button made it simple to prolong a masturbation session if I wanted to.  With the previously mentioned models it felt a little like forced orgasm with the Pro 2, and no orgasm with the Penguin.  I managed to enjoy the waves of pleasure created this time though.  Combining the Satisfyer 2 with an insertable toy like the Tantus Destiny Super Soft was divine.

After my first couple of experiences with the Satisfyer 2 I decided it was time to take my adventure into the deep.  Well, into the bath anyway, it was time to test out it’s claims of being waterproof (IPX7).  It performed very well! The suction felt amazing the pleasure intense, the orgasm was breath taking.  Once out of the bath though I decided to remove the batteries and put it back in it’s box.  To my horror though the chamber was filled with water, the batteries swimming.  I contacted Satisfyer by email and twitter.  The response was that it is waterproof and to let them know if it happened again.


A retailer (Erotica  Belle) got in touch on twitter and tested their demo model for me.  Standing the battery compartment end in water for 20 minutes produced a super dry, waterproof result.  I then asked them to totally submerge it and let me know again.  Bless them, they obliged and unfortunately the chamber was again flooded.  I have let Satisfyer know the result but I haven’t heard anything back since.  My poor Satisfyer 2 is now a little temperamental.




If you intend to use this in the bath please consider a different model until this matter is resolved.

The noise level is actually quite quiet.  If pressed against the body, when turned on, it is whisper quiet and wouldn’t be heard in another room.  If away from the body it is very noisy.  The noise does increase with the intensities.  I also noticed a clicking sound started on the third level which is quite audible.


The Satisfyer 2 is my favourite of the Satisfyer range so far.  It is quite quiet and the intensity is adjustable.  I am disappointed about its claims of being waterproof but I don’t often use this feature except during cleaning.  If you would like to try the Satisfyer 2 for yourself you can purchase one here for £35.99.

If you would like to win one you should check out the wonderful Subsmissives blog here, as he is currently running a giveaway for two of them.

Appearance:   (4 / 5)
Features:  ( 3 / 5)
Quality:   (2 / 5)
Orgasm Rating:  ( 3 / 5)
Noise Loud to Quiet:   (2 / 5)
Will I Use it Again:   (4 / 5)

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