Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

Out of the whole range of Satisfyer products, the one I wanted to try most of all was the Satisfyer Pro Penguin.  It may be a pink clitoral stimulation device, which lets face it is nothing new, but it looks cute.  It is shaped like a little penguin, how can you not love its sleek little curves and chubby tummy.  Well, wish granted, I received this adorable penguin for free in exchange for an honest review from Satisfyer.


Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin comes in a white box with a picture of the Penguin on both sides.  It is a really nice packaging, it’s simple and classy.  Inside the box is the Penguin (with detachable nozzle), the USB charging cable and a user manual.


What can you expect from the Satisfyer Pro Penguin?  It is very similar to the rest of the Satisfyer range.  It’s a different design housing their pressure wave technology.  If you don’t know what this pressure wave technology is all about pay close attention because it is pretty awesome.  It creates a fluttery, sucking sensation against the joy button that is the clitoris.  Yes this pressure wave technology is pretty fabulous and feels difficult to describe adequately.

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is made from body safe silicone and has a fairly rigid square faced nozzle.  It is softer if you press the side of the nozzle but who is going to do that when it requires being directly placed over the clitoris.  It is waterproof, rechargeable (with a magnetic charging port) and it has 11 programmes.  This cute little penguin is also supposed to be whisper quiet.

Every time I look at this penguin I want him to be black, grey, white and have an orange nozzle.  I know, I’m being predictable and it is only named after it’s resemblance, but it’s what I want.  I love the look of it though, I can’t get over the curves and the angle of the head which feels good in use.  Running your hand over it everything feels smooth.

My Experience with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin

To turn it on you just press the top of the white tummy, where there is a barely visible on/off symbol.  To turn it off you just press and hold this button for 3 seconds.  When it comes on it is on the lowest intensity level and is indeed whisper quiet.  The tummy lights up to indicate that it’s on too, this also flashes when you’re charging it.


I found the first setting to be really nice but a little lacking, pressing the larger button on the white tummy part increases the intensity and this is when you start to feel the reason why this type of toy has become so popular.  As with the Satisfyer Pro 2 I tried the third setting and again it became too intense.  There is no way to reduce the intensity which resulted in having to turn the Penguin off and on again.

I have tried so many times with this toy to get myself to orgasm, I can get close but have so far never managed.  Maybe it’s the shape of the nozzle that makes it different from my experience with the Satisfyer Pro 2, but I found that I’d either need to turn it up or down but had no ability to do so.  I also felt like the buttons were not in the best place, and having the buttons so close together meant that I was hitting the wrong ones sometimes.

Using the Satisfyer Pro Penguin in the bath is a very enjoyable experience.  I found that it was even quieter in the water but I still couldn’t achieve the big ‘O’.  Since my experimentation in the bath, I have found that the Pro Penguin has become temperamental.  Now when I switch it on it either works, or it comes on and increases in strength without the need to press any buttons.  There is also water leaking out between the light and dark pink of the Penguin.  For this to be happening at all is a little disconcerting, but it’s also been over 24 hours since it spent time in the tub.  I’m not sure this poor little guy will be with me for very much longer.



Beautiful but frustrating seems to be the perfect way to describe the Satisfyer Pro Penguin for me.  It feels like the Satisfyer Pro Penguin should be an awesome addition to my collection but I’ve found it extremely lacking.  I have been sent one more model to try, the Satisfyer 2.  My fingers are crossed for my perfect Satisfyer match but unfortunately the Penguin isn’t it.


***UPDATE  I spoke to Satisfyer about the problem I experienced with the Pro Penguin and received a replacement very quickly.  The new Penguin survived the bath test very well, so hopefully my first one had a unique fault.***

If you’d like to try the Satisfyer Pro Penguin for yourself you can find it here for £49.99.

Quick Reference

Name of Toy: Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Type of Toy: Clitoral Stimulation

Material: Silicone

Rechargeable? Yes

Waterproof? Advertised as Waterproof IPX7 but mine was not.  This could be a fault on the one I received though.

Where can I get one? Boudoir Adult Toys and Lingerie, Lovehoney.

Appearance:   (5 / 5)
Features:  ( 3 / 5)
Quality:   (2 / 5)
Orgasm Rating:  ( 0 / 5)
Noise Loud to Quiet:   (4.5 / 5)
Will I Use it Again:  ( 0.5 / 5)

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

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