So Divine Sweet Sensations Booty Plug

Mr Rose and I decided to experience anal sex for the first time and (spoiler alert!) it was an amazingly perfect experience.  A few days later the wonderful people at So Divine got in touch. They asked if I would like to review the latest edition to their collection, it was brilliant timing.  The So Divine Sweet Sensations Booty Plug is aimed at beginners.  I decided this was a sign, I should continue to explore these new sensations.

So Divine Sweet Sensations Booty Plug

I have tried a number of items from the So Divine range and have not been disappointed by anything, so hopes were high that this butt plug would be perfect.


The So Divine Sweet Sensations Booty Plug is a beautiful, bright purple, firm, silicone butt plug.  In the flared base there is a clear jewel; butt bling!

Length: 3 Inches

Insertable Length: 2.5 Inches

Maximum Circumference: 4 Inches

Weight: 32.5g

This is a really unintimidating plug, the stem is a good length and flexible for comfort during wear.  It comes in a small, discreet box.  There are images of the product on the box but they are stylishly done.  As you open the box they’ve got a little bit of writing that says “Anal play with star quality” which is really sweet and makes me smile.


Inside the box is the So Divine Sweet Sensations Booty Plug, a purple storage bag and a little instruction leaflet.

My Experience With The So Divine Sweet Sensations Booty Plug

Do not laugh too hard as you read my fears about putting something up my bottom, even if it is very pretty.  I have read so many horror stories about people losing things up their back passage. It’s hard not to think it is going to happen.  I have seen an x-ray of someone that got too up close and personal with a household product and lost it.  Just the other day a friend told me their experience of trying a beautiful glass plug and being unable to remove it, due to it being too slippy and rather close to the point of no return.  The fear was real!


Sitting holding this really pretty, very small, item in my hand I wanted to experience it.  I want to feel it slip into place and my goodness I want a pretty butthole!  If I could take, and enjoy, Mr Rose’s rather impressive penis surely this little thing would be simple.  I held it in my hands before facing my fears…sort of.  The thing is people, I wasn’t going in without a fail safe.  I had attached a ribbon.  It’s ok, I colour coordinated, so totally reasonable.  Stop smiling!  I told you the fear was real.  What if my over sized bum cheeks squeezed the flared base and pop!

Yes, I am laughing at myself and my ridiculousness!

Adding a little bit of waterbased lubricant to the So Divine Sweet Sensations Booty Plug and myself I start to apply pressure to the plug and it goes in beautifully.  The fear sweeps over me has it gone to far? Is it irretrievable?  Am I going to have to drag my over sized, and plugged ass, to the emergency department?  Simple answer is no!  There was no way I was going to loose this little plug and not only that it felt comfortably in place; and rather amazing.

The pretty ribbon didn’t get wasted either as Mr Rose gently tugged it with a cheeky grin on his face.

During orgasm is when this plug really, well, shined I guess.  As an orgasm washed over me it was intensified by the plug.  As my muscles pulsed the So Divine Sweet Sensations Booty Plug moved with them and prolonged my orgasm, with these new sensations.  I’ve used this several times now, without a ribbon, I should add and I really do love it.



I would definitely recommend this butt plug if you’re just starting out with anal toys or if you prefer a smaller toy.  It isn’t going to go anywhere either so there is no need to worry.  I’d also recommend use without a ribbon fail safe attached.  So Divine know what they’re doing.  This is yet another of their toys I have enjoyed immensely.

If you would like to recreate my experience, minus the ribbon, you can purchase the So Divine Sweet Sensations from here for a very affordable and impressive £13.99.

Appearance:  (5.0 / 5)
Quality:  (5.0 / 5)
Wearability:  (5.0 / 5)
Will I Use It Again:  (4.0 / 5)

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