The Tantus Destiny Super Soft – Review

I feel like I should issue a warning at the beginning of this review of the Tantus Destiny Super Soft, so here it is. Dildos are addictive. If you’ve stumbled onto this review because you’re thinking of purchasing your first dildo then, first things first, congratulations on your fabulous decision! Secondly give your credit/debit card to someone else to hold because you will want more. Dildos are addictive.

I was completely of the assertion that dildos were a waste of time, money and masturbation imagination, when I first started exploring sex toys.  Why spend money on something insertable when you could buy a vibrating, shudder inducing, orgasmic toy?  How wrong and naive I was.

With different textures, densities, shapes, colours and sizes available, one dildo is not enough.  I have wanted to try a Tantus toy since I first discovered the company.  I am thrilled that Tantus took pity on me and sent their brand new Tantus Destiny Super Soft in exchange for an honest review.

Tantus Destiny Super Soft

Features of the Tantus Destiny Super Soft.

The Tantus Destiny Super soft is a semi realistic dildo made from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.  It is harness compatible, anal safe and easy to clean.  The Destiny Super Soft has an insertable length of 5 inches. The maximum diameter is 1.9 inches.

Packaging and Appearance

When the plain brown box arrived from Tantus I could barely contain myself.  I ripped into it like a kid at Christmas. Cardboard flying all over the place. Inside I found the prettiest, brightly coloured box.  I know packaging doesn’t matter to a lot of people but to me nice packaging adds to the excitement.  If the packaging can be discreet at the same time I love it even more!

Discretion in packaging is not what everyone requires either; but when I have to carry it out to the recycling bin, in front of neighbours, it matters to me.  The tantus packaging, once the dildo and inner plastic is removed, is, despite its bright colours, very discreet.  I’d happily chat to the neighbours on the way to the bin.

I can’t help palpating the surface of it in my hands.  It is the softest, smoothest and squishiest dildo I’ve ever felt.  The urge to touch and squeeze it is irresistible. It feels so close in texture to the real thing.

The Tantus Destiny Super Soft manages to look realistic without being detailed.  Like a surreal phallus.  The basic shape is there but the details have been softened.  I think it’s beautiful and the shimmering purple is stunning.

Tantus Destiny Super Soft Full View With Balls

My Experience With The Tantus Destiny Super Soft

I position the Tantus Destiny Super Soft in my Liberator Bon Bon.  It’s perfectly shaped, smooth balls balancing at the surface of the cushion make me involuntarily clench my pelvic floor muscles.  I can’t wait to feel it inside of me.

Looking down on the Tantus Destiny Super Soft

As I lower myself down onto it, the tapered head parting me, I feel full, leaning back on the Bon Bon makes the head push into my g-spot beautifully.  The Super Soft silicone means that the feeling is less intense but I think it’s much more realistic.

I place a bullet vibe against my clit and rock myself to a breath-taking orgasm.  My muscles clenching beautifully against the Tantus Destiny Super Soft.

Cleaning and Care

The Tantus Destiny Super Soft is incredibly easy to clean; it is boilable, bleachable and dishwasher safe.  I have kept it simple and washed it in warm soapy water.  Allowed it to dry and then stored it. Unfortunately Tantus don’t supply a storage bag with this product.  Luckily I had a spare.


This Super Soft material is certainly not limp.  I think it feels amazing and I have found the urge to fondle it quite irresistible.  The simple, semi realistic design looks unintimidating and feels so good.  On insertion there is the bend factor to consider but if you’re gentle this is less of a problem.

This is by far my favourite dildo.  The soft texture has won me over. The gentle vein detail and semi realistic style really do it for me and, in anger, those balls are wonderfully stress-relieving to pummel.

Is there anything I would change? No.  A storage bag would be a lovely little extra though.

If you would like your own Tantus Destiny Super Soft you can purchase one here for $89.99, that’s roughly £70.

Appearance: (5 / 5)
Features: (5 / 5)
Quality: (5 / 5)
Orgasm Rating: (5 / 5)
Will I Use It Again: (5 / 5)

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

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  1. Petra Pan

    Looks gorgeous! I love the photos you’ve taken too. I fancy trying out one of the Tantus range 😃

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