Toy Joy Romantic Rose Petals – Guest Review by Petra Pan

I decided to send Petra Pan a little bit of work, cleverly disguised as a treat. I started scanning one of my favourite online stores, Boudoir Adult Boutique, until I found two perfect little gifts.  What could be more perfect than a little bag of Toy Joy Romantic Rose Petals, they’re even red.

Petra Pan’s Review

I love anything romantic so these really appealed to me. I already have another bag of rose petals so it was great to be given these in exchange for a review, as I have something to compare them against!
Toy Joy Romantic Rose Petals in Organza Bag
These gorgeous fabric rose petals come in a pretty white organza bag with drawstring closure, ideal for storage. At first I didn’t think there were very many petals, but once removed from storage I found a lot of the petals were stuck together so there were more than it appeared. Once I’d separated them, there was a good amount.

Potential Uses of the Toy Joy Romantic Rose Petals

I spread them out over the bed and they looked fab, however if you want to cover a double bed then you would need several bags. These could form the backdrop for a nice new piece of lingerie, or a new sex toy; you could lay it out on the bed ready for your lover!
They’re also fab in the bath. I’ve used the other petals I have in water and they didn’t ruin, so I wanted to test these out as well. They were in the bath with me for about 30 mins, along with some bubble bath! The petals on top of the bubbles floated, and some of them sank. They made my bath look very romantic and inviting.
After bathing I rinsed the petals and lay them out on a towel to dry. Once dry, they were as good as new.
Another great use for these petals is photography. They make a lovely background if you want to show off something pretty!


These came up trumps and are of a similar quality and quantity to the others I own. I might buy a few more bags so I can recreate the American Beauty scene!

If you would like to purchase the Toy Joy Romantic Rose Petals, for a special treat, you can do so here for £4.50.

Appearance:   (5 / 5)
Quality:   (4 / 5)
Would I Use Them Again:   (5 / 5)
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