We-Vibe Sync Review

Lusting after We-Vibe products is nothing new to me.  I have been wanting to lay my hands on their toys since I started reviewing.  A particularly longed for toy has been their couples vibrator, the We-Vibe 4 plus, the only thing I feared was that it wouldn’t fit my body.  So when I was offered the latest reincarnation of their couples toy, the We-Vibe Sync, I was ecstatic.  I’d like to thank Lovehoney for sending me the much needed Sync, for free in exchange for an honest review.
Would it live up to my expectations though?

What is the We-Vibe Sync

The we-vibe sync is the latest couples vibrator brought out by We-Vibe.  It is designed to be worn during intercourse, stimulating the G-Spot, clitoris and the penis at the same time.  It has two motors, one in each arm, and is made from body safe silicone.  The Sync is waterproof allowing for ultra fun showering and bathing.  It can be controlled with a remote control or a smartphone app.  Best of all it is adjustable in two places, so you can alter it to fit your body.


I am one of those women that finds it difficult to orgasm through penetration alone.  It does happen but it is a rare occurrence.  This is why I had become fascinated with the We-Vibe couples toys.  Could it create that all important orgasm, without reaching down.  Could it help us come together?

What’s in the We-Vibe Sync Box?

_20161015_140905The box is gorgeous, bright, compact and discreet.  The moment I saw it I felt excited.  The colours were simply gorgeous and inviting.  The box looks like a gift.  I slid the outer box to the side to see the we-vibe sync beautifully displayed.  Inside the box is the We-Vibe Sync, charging pod, charging wire (USB), a controller, a sachet of We-Vibe lube by Pjur and an instruction manual.


The charger is perfect.  The charging pod is a storage container too and keeps the Sync hidden from view.  Transforming your naughty little secret into an innocent looking object. It really does just resembles a room air freshener.  There is a very small light that slowly blinks to indicate that charging is in progress and it then changes to a constant light when charging is complete.  This takes approximately two hours.

How to use the We-Vibe Sync

Gently bend the We-Vibe Sync into the position you think will best suit your body.  Apply a small amount of water-based lubricant and place the smaller arm inside the vagina.  The larger arm should be pressing against the clitoris.  Press and hold the button on the main arm to start.

You can control the we-vibe in three different ways.  The first is by the button on the Sync itself.  Just press and hold it for three seconds and press again to scroll through the patterns.  This is fine if you’re using it for solo play but is difficult to do when you’re in the midst of a wild romp.

The second option is to use the controller provided.  To connect the controller to the We-Vibe Sync, press and hold the button for 5 seconds then press and hold the controller button for 5 seconds.  Once connected you can scroll through the patterns of vibrations by pressing the left and right arrows.  I think this is by far the best way to use the we-vibe sync.  During solo play there is no fiddling with your nether regions trying to locate the button.  During play with a partner you can wear the We-Vibe and give the controller to your partner.  This gives them complete control of your orgasm while you’re on opposite sides of the room.  The cheeky, mischievous look in their eyes is absolutely beautiful to see as they’re teasing you. Purely as I am worried the faint buzzing (which does increase as the intensity does) would be heard if in a quiet area we haven’t used this out and about.  Next time we go to a noisy event though it’s coming too.  Using the controller also makes control during intercourse incredibly easy.
The final option is to pair it up to the We-Vibe Connect app.  This is very easy to do and allows you to have even more control of the vibration patterns and how much vibration is in each arm of the Sync.  It also allows your partner to control your fun from anywhere in the world.
I’ve tried this and it’s fun but I just really prefer to use the controller.

Forget all of that…How does it feel I hear you cry?!

This feels pretty fabulous.  When I originally wrote my review on Lovehoney I was impressed with the We-Vibe Sync.  Now I’m in love with it.  Being able to shape the Sync to fit your body is the perfect feature.  The first few times I used the We-Vibe Sync I was experimenting with finding the perfect fit.  It felt amazing during a slow, steady and full thrusting session but if the pace was increased the Sync would move out of place and become uncomfortable or it would come out altogether.
Now I have played with it more, I have found my perfect fit.  I had to widen the space between the arms and then bend the internal/g-spot arm inwards.  Now the We-Vibe Sync stays in place perfectly and feels amazing!  If you’re finding that it keeps moving you might need to try altering it’s position with the jointed areas.  It really is a little bit of trial and error.  Due to the wide but slim internal arm my g-spot is stimulated perfectly.  It also feels very good to Mr Rose as it stimulates his penis too.  It doesn’t feel like I’m being stretched too much either, this was something that I had been worrying about.
The only problem I now have with this beautiful little toy is that when I’m a quivering little mess of contentedness, Mr Rose refuses to turn the vibrations down.  Meaning I end up suffering the most wonderful multiple orgasms.
The vibrations are rumbly and I felt that the whole of my vulva was being stimulated with the clitoris arm.  There are a number of patterns to scroll through but as always I really did prefer the steady vibrations.
*If you would like to purchase the We-Vibe Sync you can find it in the mint blue here.
You can also find it in a deep purple here.
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Appearance:   (5 / 5)
Features:   (5 / 5)
Quality:   (5 / 5)
Orgasm Rating:   (5 / 5)
Will I Use it Again:   (5 / 5)