Womanizer W500

I’ve been warily interested in the womanizer since I first heard about it. I wasn’t sure whether to purchase one or not. The idea of my sensitive clit being sucked sounded wonderful and rather scary at the same time. So when the wonderful people at Lovehoney decided to send the Womanizer W500 for me to try, test and provide an honest review of, I forgot my fears and got uber excited!!


Appearance of the Womanizer W500

I was sent the Womanizer W500 in Mint (as shown above) but there are plenty of colours to choose from including Rose, Magenta, Black and Leo, Lavender, Black and Tattoo, White and Chrome, Black and Chrome and if you really feel like treating yourself to something a little indulgent they have a Black and 18 ct Gold Edition.

I am not incredibly in love with the mint version, in fact I prefer the black and chrome the most.  The mint Womanizer W500 has a totally different type of green under the lace effect pattern which I think clashes slightly.  The treatment head also makes this toy resemble a children’s aural thermometer, which I’m not sure is sexy. There are two buttons on the top which make this very simple to use.  The Swarovski Element button is the on/off switch if you press and hold it. During use though if you give it a quick press it takes the intensity level back to level one.  The other button is a +/- button for the intensity levels.

The shape of the womanizer is pretty comfortable.  It fits perfectly in your hand and the buttons are all easily reachable and quite responsive to touch.

About the Womanizer W500

Things to know about the Womanizer W500 are that it is a completely different type of sex toy.  It doesn’t work by vibrating, it works by gently sucking the clitoris.  It comes in a small, white box, with a picture of the top of the Womanizer on the lid.  Although the toy is clearly on display I think this is fairly discreet, as it doesn’t look like a typical sex toy.  Inside the box is the Womanizer, an instruction booklet, a satin storage pouch, a USB cord, a USB charger, a regular treatment head and an XL treatment head.  The Womanizer W500 is not waterproof, so you need to be careful during cleaning.  I’ve found that it’s best to take the treatment head off and wash this in soapy water and use a wipe on the body of the toy.


Rose’s Experience of the Womanizer W500

Time to find out if the Womanizer W500 truly sucked…

The first time…

I charged the womanizer and when the flashing light turned a constant green, instead of flashing, I grabbed it from the charger and ran to my bed.  I lay back and gently placed the regular silicone treatment head against my clit. Tentatively I pressed the Swarovski button and the gentle “wind kisses” started.  It felt unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.  It was almost indescribable.  As I increased the levels my muscles started to contract, by level three my clit was pulsating as I quickly built to a strong climax.  When I tried to increase the level past level three it became too intense and I became too sensitive.  The gentle sucking became more of a buzzing vibration.  The first time I used the Womanizer W500, or rather the first day, I used it several times.  Every time felt amazing and resulted in a strong climax.

The second time…

I decided to try the Womanizer W500 with the XL treatment head.  As this covers more than just my clitoris I found that I could use it for longer.  I could enjoy the feelings and the build up instead of having a quick and strong orgasm…I could last longer. Enjoy it for longer.  I could also use some of the higher levels.

4 weeks later..

I still use the Womanizer W500 most days, I love hands free orgasms.  One thing I have found though is that after I left the Womanizer W500 out, it became stained, due to being left against a black bit of fabric.  Totally my own fault for not storing it away properly but I thought I’d let you all know so you won’t do the same thing.  It looks like a little purple bruise.  It doesn’t affect using it but I was a little bit disappointed.



I love the Womanizer W500.  If I’m very honest this is my go to clitoral stimulation toy.  It’s a lazy girls dream.  You just place it against your clit and experience hands free orgasms.  I have even used it when I wasn’t feeling aroused, you know the times where you think I wish I wanted to but meh.  Too tired, too stressed etc.  I’ve placed this against me and have been swollen, wet and wanting in a few minutes.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone who loves clitoral stimulation and fancies something a little different.

Appearance:   (4 / 5)
Features:   (4 / 5)
Quality:   (4.5 / 5)
Orgasm Rating:   (5 / 5)
Will I Use it Again:   (5 / 5)