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Tantus Vamp Review

I have tried many different dildos, and I have had a lot to say about all of them. However, The Vamp has made me speechless. For starters, the Tantus brand has a series of amazing product that can get you there, and then some. They also have a ‘grab bag’ system which is where they take a lot of the unused silicone to craft dildos that they sell at discounted price. These dildos are not defective, but you can get some crazy color combinations that surprisingly adds to the visual attraction.

Tantus Vamp
Tantus Vamp

One thing I did have a problem with was the lack of curvature or super defining features. There are minimal vein molds on the shaft, but it is a realistic looking dildo (If you get a flesh colored one). Despite the lack of a unique shape, or defining features, it is a shockingly amazing toy.

What is it?

The head was perfect for rubbing against my g-spot. It wasn’t too thick for me, but it wasn’t unpleasurably thin. This is a very versatile dildo. If you prefer a harder thrust, or soft strokes, it is easy to hold and maneuver.  It stays in place well if you just want it to rest there while you clinch around it. Even with anal play it was very pleasurable and easy to use. how to find the best dildo’s


Ultimately, I would highly recommend this toy to anyone looking to experience a true manual orgasm. The color patterns of the ‘grab bag’ choices are visually appealing, and the rounded head makes it a fun, and satisfying experience. Of all the dildos I have tried, and many of them kept, this is by far one of my personal favorites. It is a squishy silicone that is 7” in length and 1.7” in diameter, for those of you that love knowing beforehand how big it is.