The End is Nigh

When I first started RandomRedRose I was in love with it, I’m still very proud of it now, but something has got to give.

I feel like filling this post with lots of cliches about how life changes etc.  But to just cut through it all… for a while now I’ve been struggling with some health issues.  I lost the motivation to write and I’ve never gotten it back.  For a while I thought I would but I think it’s over.

The wonderful Petra Pan, who has kept the site running so smoothly, whilst I decided whether I’d be able to come back, is going to be creating her own site now.  So please check it out as soon as you can because I’m certain it will be fun, factual, filthy and let’s be honest she looks hot in all that lingerie!!

I’d like to thank everybody that has popped by and read about our adventures, our good product tests, our great product tests and our erm…well…not so good ones.

Some reviews and posts will be moving to PetraPan’s new site and the rest will be removed over the next few weeks/months.

Take care of yourselves and have fun


A Year As A Sex Toy Reviewer Kiss




2 Replies to “The End is Nigh”

  1. PetraPan

    Thank you soooo much Rose, I have loved working on this site! I hope you stay on Twitter and keep in touch with everyone, and I really hope your health improves 🙂 is live, I’m just adding some more content but I’m really excited about it!!

    Thanks also to everyone who has commented on both mine and Rose’s posts on here, we really appreciate it.

    PP x

  2. Posy Churchgate

    Thanks for what you created, yours was one of the first blogs I discovered. I am sorry you’ve had health issues and no longer feel you want to continue blogging.

    I’m also grateful to you for introducing Petra, she and I have had several chats about blogging and we met at Eroticon this weekend. I will definitely follow her blog once it is created. Maybe Rose you might be tempted to create a guest post for her every now and then?

    Good luck going forward xx


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