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Womanizer Pro40 Review

What type of toy is this, is the first thing that I asked when I seen it. It is a brand-new type of clitoral stimulation toy that will give you an earth-shattering orgasm with gentle suction. It keeps getting better as this one is waterproof, stylish and quite sleek. The price is less than the previous models of the Womanizer.

You have heard of the unique Pleasure Air Technology and want to experience it yourself? Womanizer Pro40 is your perfect introductory product. It features six intensity levels and a simple design with either white or magenta detailing. You’ll see the Womanizer experience is different from any of your past orgasms. Our patented technology will caress your clitoris with gentle suction and pressure waves, but without actually touching it. No worries about habituation effects and over-stimulation, just relax and enjoy as often as you like!
Womanizer Pro40

First things first

The first thing that you will notice about this toy is the packaging. The Pro 40 package was toned down from the previous models and it arrived in a clean, white box that only had a few glossy photos of the product and the brand. It was classic yet understated but it was nice enough that it could be a gift. Within the box was the user manual, charging cable, adapter and a spare silicone head for the Pro 40, which I happened to notice was larger that what was on the toy. Even though they wanted to keep the price down, a storage bag would have been a nice touch. Simply satisfied by the Satisfyer 2

The little things…

The toy is actually nice to the touch. The back of the toy, which is colored. The one that I purchased was purple. This part is a type of coated plastic which is velvet smooth and soft. The silver part is also plastic, but it is not coated and had a dull type of shine to it. I love the texture as it makes the whole toy to be much sleeker than you would expect. The suction head is silicone which is a bit rough to the touch. There are control buttons which are simple and clear. There is a power button to turn it off and on and then a + and – symbol which is used to control the speed of the toy.

Womanizer Pro40
Womanizer Pro40

Another good thing about this toy is that you are not able to hear it through a door like other types of toys, even though it is not really silent. Plus, it almost looks like a medical device so many people may not even know what it is if they happen to find it. Since the toy is waterproof, the clean up is much easier than you would thing. The materials are non-porous, body safe and phthalate free. If you like this article you should read Eroscillator review


  • Touch-less clitoral stimulation with 6 intensity levels
  • Made of body-safe materials, suitable for everyone
  • Rechargeable & Waterproof toy suitable for use in shower & bath
  • Powerful suction yet whisper quiet operation
  • 2-hour playtime from a full charge, USB recharging


Whenever you are using the toy, the nozzle will glow which is actually a really nice touch. It will also flash green whenever it is charging. This makes it handy because it will be impossible to miss. It is completely rechargable and the charge port is hidden under a rubber plug. This is great because it is what makes the whole toy completely waterproof. It also tends to hold a charge much longer than you would expect based on the size.

I noticed that the Womanizer Pro 40 gave me a much stronger orgasm than any of my other toys and that is a huge plus for me. Even when my orgasms get intense, this toy is still gentle enough to make it more satisfying.

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