First Anal Experience

My First Anal Experience

 For starters, I was against trying anal for the many years I have been sexually active. Many men have tried to convince me that they ‘knew what they were doing’ or ‘knew how to do it painlessly’. However, men lie. But eventually, the strongest dam breaks and the water gets its way. As the dam, I broke. This is about my experience with it, and shouldn’t persuade or discourage anyone from trying this with their partner.

surprised female
surprised female

So, does anal the first time hurt?

 To answer the most common, obvious, and understandable question first. Yes, it does hurt the first time. However, the pain isn’t the normal kind of pain. It is a pressure at first that feels like and uncomfortable pain. There are ways of lessening the pain for the first few times. The number one way to ease into it, lube. The water in the shower is not lube, and does not help with the process. dildo from items around the house

Best advice

 The way I experienced my first time was with some advice from a female friend of mine who has done it, in her words, “several times”. Taking the expert opinions into consideration, I was confident that sitting down on my partner’s member was he way to go. It allowed me to control the pace and go as slow as I want during penetration. nJoy Pure Wand review

 She was also the one that gave me the advice about the lube. However, after a few moments, while maintaining a slow pace, I was able to start feeling pleasure from it. It was a different type of pleasure than I had normally experienced. After feeling confident riding, him, we switched to doggy style and tried a slightly quicker pace. While touching my clit I can honestly say, it did increase my orgasm. I would suggest trying it at least once with a trusted partner.