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Satisfyer 2 Review

Let it be noted that the product lines for Satisfyer are amazing. I have had my run of their products and I have not been disappointed after several uses of each of them. Though I could go on and on about their many products, I am going to focus on the rose gold beauty, the Satisyer 2.

Satisfyer 2
Satisfyer 2

What is it?

Firstly, something to know about this product is it isn’t your normal vibrator. This is a clit stimulating toy, with a nozzle that snugly fits around the clit. Instead of an intense vibration, it pulses and applies a light suction for maximum pleasure. This might, however, ruin men for you for the rest of your life. Satisfyer pro 2 review

I couldn’t help but compare the Satisfyer 2 to the rest of the product line, which I might add is difficult to do seeing as how they all feel amazingly different in their performance. Comparisons aside, this is an amazingly satisfying product. The design isn’t the most visually appealing, however it is still discrete and could easily be mistaken for a light hair remover before it is identified as a sex toy.

One of my absolutely favorite features is the 11 different settings with a very simple ‘+’ and ‘-‘ set of buttons to cycle through the settings. Why is this important? Other models make it hard to find that perfect setting, or make you cycle through all the settings to set it to the one you liked four clicks ago. This one you can quickly, and smoothly find the right setting for you in your quest for pleasure. Am I left in the cold by the Satisfyer Pro Penguin?


  • AIR-PULSE CLITORAL STIMULATION – The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses non-contact pressure-wave technology to provide feelings of suction and pulsations, similar to the sensations you feel during oral sex.
  • QUIET AND DISCREET – The Pro 2 has a stronger motor than its predecessor, but is quieter and more discreet than ever before. Once the skin-friendly silicone head surrounds your clitoris, you’ll hardly hear a sound!
  • 11 INTENSITIES – With the new button design, easily increase or decrease the intensity of the Pro 2 easily. And with 11 intensities to switch through, you’re sure to find the sweet spot that brings you intense pleasure.
  • WATERPROOF – The Pro 2 has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it the perfect companion for the shower or bath. It’s protected against immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes of use.
  • OPTIMIZED HEAD DESIGN – The head, made from skin-friendly silicone, is now bigger and wider so that it can surround your clitoris even more effectively, allowing you to forget the world while it provides you with stimulation


Ultimately, I would highly recommend this product. If you are new to the Satisfyer product line, try as many as you can comfortably afford, but the Satisfyer 2 will definitely be on the top of the list of the best toys you’ve used. Womanizer Pro 40 review