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Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

A German design and Award Nominee for the year of 2019 is the Satisfyer Pro 2 by Satisfyer themselves. It has a whole lot to offer me, and though I am sure that it has some sort of disadvantages to this product for it seems that nothing is ever perfect, and though I have come across any of them yet, I still could further down the road. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is my preference of a sex toy due to its wave of stimulation through innovation pressure. Although it’s advertised to be quieter than its predecessors, it still has some sound to it.

Satisfier Pro 2

features Satisfier Pro 2

Its features include eleven different options of speeds to choose from, it is waterproof and makes it so much easier to get the build-up of lubricates and the secretions that come from the vagina, which over a period of time begin accumulating and gets harder becomes difficult to get cleaned good the way many other toys do, comes with a magnetic charging cable that plugs into a USB, comes with a lithium-ion battery, and it’s made out of silicone, and it is non-porous, phthalate free, and safe for the skin and body and its detachable nozzle is make with silicone, which lets it be gentle to my clit. Does the Eroscillator get me rocking?

My Satisfyer Pro 2 does not put out vibrations as I had first expected, instead, it cupped my clit and as it put pressure on it my clit was feeling pulsating pats which was pulsating and stimulating my clitoris sending wonderfully intense sensations all through my clitoris, my vagina, and my thighs. 


The example I will give is that “it is ten times more powerful than the most pleasurable sexual encounter that you have ever had.” This Satisfyer has several different settings to give me a wide range of options, it is light weight, and I got it at an affordable price. Lelo Ora 2 review will blow your mind

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof IPX7
  • 11 settings
  • Whisper mode
  • Skin-friendly silicone
  • Pressure wave stimulation and contactless clitoral stimulation
  • Including USB magnetic charging cable
  • Lithium ion battery

The suction technology is so advanced, air waves has been built in that creates a vacuum sensation around the clitoris, but just in case this does not do the trick, it also has a vibrating head. For the new edition they have made it easier to control, it is quieter, and it is more comfortable due to the head being wider. The most significant difference is that it is more powerful on the high setting than with the previous edition. It has made me curious and now I want to find out how long I could go if I were to keep the suction head on my clit for 24 hours to see just how many orgasms I would be able to have. At this point, every time I hold the toy against my clit I have a sensational orgasm, I want to know what it would feel like to enjoy my body shaking, shivering, and every muscle I have being used continuously, for starters, twenty-four hours will be my goal! home made vibrator for when all else fails

Choice of orgasm

My Satisfyer Pro 2 lets me have a choice of whether or not I want to have a quick orgasm or if I would prefer to prolong my orgasm and gradually build up to it. By gradually building up to it I get to enjoy the shivering, shaking, muscle twitching, and all the other sensational pleasures it gives to my body. I almost couldn’t wait until my hubby got in from work to let him know about it as I had planned on sharing it with him prior to ordering it and since he doesn’t know anything about me ordering it this will be a pleasant surprise, as he enjoys the naughty little things we do together sexually as much as I do. My hubby has always liked to watch me as I played with myself and he would get off by seeing my body shake and twitch, boy, did I have a surprise for him. Needless to say, as soon as I gave him the news he was ready to find out what all the excitement was about. Within minutes he had his clothes off and I had my new toy ready. I got on him so he could enjoy seeing my facial expressions and placed the toy over my clit, and all of a sudden I was starting to tremor. I could see that my hubby was like, “oh yeah,” and then I slowly slide down his cock, pressing hard against his body, he began moaning and clinching my tits as I was shivering, shaking, and having tremors with amazing sensations going through my clit, vagina, and thighs, and I could tell that he loved it as much as I did and I never wanted it to stop.

Satisfier Pro 2 Packaging

When I ordered my Satisfyer Pro 2, not only were they discreet with the shipping of it, but they also sent me a 10-year Warranty with a money back guarantee. All this, and it was even affordable!

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