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Review: Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Chilling with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin

I love satisfyer toys. They have not failed me in the past to take me all the way to climax. However, because of my experience with previous products by Satisfyer, the bar was set pretty high for the Penguin. Firstly, I am hard to get off. I have tried countless toys that have underwhelmed me, left my clit super sensitive, or just didn’t fit like I’d hoped. The magnificent Satisfyer 2

Satisfyer Pro Penguin
Satisfyer Pro Penguin

But did I find the same issues with the penguin, or was the experience as satisfying as the other products I have tried from this brand? First, let’s run down the pros and cons of the toy.


  • Cute, appealing look.
  • Super quiet for discrete use
  • Magnetic charger
  • Gentle massager


  • Nozzle is a bit wide
  • Had to spread Labia for insertion
  • Button Placement
  • Lower intensity than previous product

To be honest, this is a great product with only a few minor setbacks. The power button is too close to the setting buttons for my liking. There were a couple times I went to adjust the settings, but then ended up killing the power. Previous Satisfyer products had a snug, well-padded nozzle, this one was a bit wide with a thin padding. The pleasure was near perfect, maybe a bit more of a snug fit would have pushed it to the top of the line. The epic Satisfyer Pro 2


The motor was satisfying; however, I will state that previous products, and products from other brands have stronger motors. These cons aside, what is my final conclusion of this product? Well, after much debating, and many climaxes later, I have decided to give this product a well-deserved thumbs up. It is definitely a toy I would recommend to my girlfriends, which I have. For someone who has never used a toy before, this is a great place to start. Another excellent Womanizer product