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We-Vibe Sync Review

I vibed with the We-Vibe Sync

This product made me think a bit before I was able to actually make a solid conclusion on it. Personally, I struggle with girth and prefer to move a vibrator around during masturbation. This is a stationary vibrator, though powerful, really made it hard for me to reach an orgasm. Lelo Ora 2 is something you should read.

We-Vibe Sync
We-Vibe Sync

What is it? 

However, it is a powerful vibrator and it is usable both solo and with a partner. This is advertised as a ‘hands-free’ device though some adjusting prior to use may be required for comfort. And as we all know, comfort is key when you are getting personal with yourself. One of the features I absolutely loved about this product is the ‘We-Connect’ app. Lelo Sona makes me make all the right sounds

With the app, you are able to adjust both the speed and the vibration pattern/strength. With it being a stationary vibrator, it is ideal for those who can set it, adjust it to preferred settings, and let it do its thing.

With my personal hang-ups aside, what did I think of the product itself? Visually, it is sleek and appealing. The charger and storage container are discrete, making it almost look like an air freshener. This is a great way to store it out in the open without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable if a partner sees it while you are getting busy. Does the Lovense Domi hit the spot…

We-Vibe Sync
We-Vibe Sync


Ultimately, I would definitely recommend this toy to someone in need. Provided they do not have issues with size, and stationary toys. Though I failed to achieve the orgasm I had hoped for, similar reviews have stated that it was ideal for them in their preferences. One of my dislikes is that I wish there was more settings to play with. It’s 2019, how come we don’t have more settings for our pleasures? The Nora by Lovense